Payments with a mobile phone using the Wave2Pay application

The Wave2Pay application will turn your mobile phone into a payment card. In this way, you can make quick, innovative and secure payments simply by putting the mobile phone to a POS terminal at a retailer where you can make contactless payments.

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  • No need to change a SIM card or mobile operator
    Simply use a mobile phone with the Android 4.4 or newer operating system supporting the NFC technology. Payments work regardless of the mobile operator you use!
  • Security
    Paying with a mobile phone is just as safe as paying with a payment card. Moreover, the Wave2Pay application in your phone is protected by a PIN you chose.
  • You have your expenses under control
    You can check your payments in the transaction history at any time. Daily/weekly or monthly history gives you a quick overview of your payments made using the Wave2Pay application.
  • Random keyboard
    Each time you enter the PIN, the keys will appear in random order, increasing the safety of use of the Wave2Pay application.
  • Geolocation of transactions
    If GPS data are active in a phone, you can follow the locations where you made payments on a map.
  • Payment vibration
    After making a payment, the phone vibrates to provide feedback.
  • Change the application PIN
    Simply change the application PIN in the application settings as often as you like.
Card type Wave2Pay application (debit card type)
Conditions for issuance: - account at VUB
- a mobile phone with the Android operating system (4.4 or newer)
- NFC technology
- Click&Pay functionality
- active mobile data or safe WiFi connection
Limits: € 10 – 1,000; up to 15 transactions a day

Cashless payments for goods and services at retailers

Contactless functionality: Yes (payWave)


Secure payments in shops

  • When you pay with your mobile phone in a shop or in a restaurant, be sure to request confirmation of the transaction made.


  • When making a contactless payment, do not let the mobile phone out of hand. In this way you can control the whole payment process.


  • If a payment with the mobile phone is unsuccessful, request confirmation of the rejected transaction.


  • When entering a PIN code to the mobile application, shield the phone or set the random keyboard functionality.


  • In the case of misuse during a contactless card payment, you are insured with VUB Bank. If the card is misused, we will refund the funds, without participation!


  • Payment card data are stored outside the mobile phone and are transferred into the mobile phone only when a payment is being made and are not saved in the mobile phone.

Rules of safe use of the card

  • Never write down your application PIN. Your wallet or your mobile phone may be stolen. In this case contact the Kontakt service, which will block the card.


  • Choose an application PIN that is sufficiently unique (i.e. do not use a simple combination of numbers) and also do not leave the application PIN in places where it can be seen.


  • Do not share your application PIN with anyone. Do not disclose your PIN code to your family, friends, police or employees of VUB Bank. VUB Bank never asks for information about your PIN code, neither in person nor by e-mail or through the Kontakt service.


  • To login to the application, use only a mobile phone with regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and to make payments, use only data services provided by a mobile operator or a secure Wi-Fi network.


  • In your mobile phone, do not run and do not open unknown attachments and Internet links contained in the body of unwanted e-mails and e-mails from unknown senders.


  • Use of the Wave 2 Pay application is not allowed on mobile devices with modified software - the so-called “root" or "jailbreak".


  • Do not use multiple products using the contactless technology in one mobile device, besides products maintained in the Mobile Wallet.

Rules of safe use of a card abroad

  • Before travelling abroad make sure that we have your current contact information, especially your phone number and e-mail address.


  • We recommend that you save the number for the Kontakt service from abroad, +421 2 4855 59 70, to your mobile phone, so you can call us. You can also write us to e-mail address at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • If your debit card is stolen or lost, you can immediately and easily block it in Internet Banking.


  • When paying with a mobile phone in a restaurant, especially abroad, the waiter may take your mobile phone and make the payment for you. Do not let the waiter with your mobile phone out of your sight.

Activation and payment

Download the application and see if your device supports mobile payments

Stiahnite si VÚB Wave 2 Pay z Google Play Stiahnite si VÚB Wave 2 Pay z App Store Stiahnite si VÚB Wave 2 Pay pre Windows


  1. You have to apply for setting up and issuance of activation elements at any branch of VUB Bank, or you can do so easily from the comfort of your home via Internet/Mobile Banking.
  2. The application is activated with the activation key specified in the contact and the activation code that we will send you via SMS.
  3. After the activation code has been verified, you will choose your own application PIN that you will use to log in and to authorize payments. After selecting a security PIN, the application is ready to make payments.




You can login to the application with your PIN for example while waiting in line at a cash desk. After confirming "Click and pay”, green text “Ready to pay” will appear. From this moment you have approximately three minutes to make a payment; just put the smartphone to the payment terminal and make the payment.

To download

To download PDF
Business Terms and Conditions of VUB, a.s. for Mobile Payments valid from 22 November 2014
General Terms and Conditions of VUB, a.s. for Deposit Products valid from 21 February 2015
General Terms and Conditions of VUB, a.s. for Deposit Products valid from 23 May 2015
Price List


What is a debit card, to whom and when is it issued by the bank?

It is a payment card issued for your account. It means that as the card owner you use your own money deposited into your bank account when making a payment with the card at a retailer or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

How to block the card when it is lost or stolen?

To block the card, please report the loss or theft immediately to the 24-hour KONTAKT service, which will ensure its immediate blocking.

Phone number: 0850 123 000 (+421 2 4855 5970 from abroad); if you cannot report the loss or theft, other person may do so.

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