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Loan for anything

Are you short of money for a new car, to remodel your home or for a dream holiday? Take out a Loan for Anything.

Equip online

Also via Internet banking, Mobile banking, or the Contact Service.

Without documents

Without unnecessary documents

Quickly and easily

Arrange it quickly and easily

Choose the loan amount

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Set the loan maturity period

0 - 0 -
  • Your monthly installment
    • This bonus gives you savings of - EUR

Product parameters

  • Loan amount from € 500 to € 35,000
  • Repayment 13 – 96 months
How to arrange a loan?
Arrange a loan simply
Online Loan through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or the Kontakt service (VÚB bank contact centre)


In any branch of VÚB
Submitting the applicati
You will need proof of identity or proof of income.
We will inform you of the result of the approval process within a few minutes. After approval we will sign contractual documents.
Drawing and repayment
After approval of the loan, we immediately send the funds to your account. Repayments will be made according to the repayment schedule.
Ako vybaviť pôžičku online
Ako vybaviť pôžičku online
Ako vybaviť pôžičku online
Rýchlo a bezpečne cez Internet banking alebo Mobil banking
Peniaze máte ihneď po schválení pôžičky na účte.
Poistenie k úverom

Poistenie k úverom

Poistenie schopnosti splácať pôžičku ochráni vás a vašich blízkych pred vznikom nepredvídaných životných situácií.
Povolené prečerpanie

Povolené prečerpanie

S povoleným prečerpaním peňažných prostriedkov máte k dispozícii vždy nejaké extra peniaze.
Refinancovanie úveru

Refinancovanie úveru

Refinancujte svoje staré nevýhodné úvery. U nás si znížite mesačnú splátku a ušetríte.
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