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Mortgage for housing

Live in your own house.
Take a mortgage with a favorable interest rate that you can use to buy an apartment, house or land, as well as to build or rebuild.

Mortgage for housing with favorable conditions

Repayment period

Mortgage repayment period up to 30 years


Funding for up to 90% of the value of the pledged property

Interest rate

Advantageous interest rate now from only 4.39% p.a.

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Amount

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Repayment period

0 - 0 -

Fixed interest

  • Your monthly payment
    • Interest rate % p.a. - %
    • Provisioning Fee - EUR

Choose the amount of the installment

Set the mortgage maturity period

0 - 0 -

Select the interest fixation period

  • Amount of your mortgage
    • Interest rate % p.a. - %
    • Provisioning Fee - EUR

In addition, you will also get

A wide choice of fixed-interest periods

Choose the period over which your mortgage repayment will be unchanged. You can choose between short and long fixed-interest periods (8 – 10 years).

VÚB loan for real estate investments

A way to finance housing and furnishing at a discounted interest rate

Mortgage without invoices

If you are doing the construction or remodelling yourself, it is sufficient to document the purpose of the loan with photographs, an itemised budget and a statutory declaration

Boosted savings account for a mortgage

Get a savings account with your mortgage with a bonus interest rate boost of up to 0.40% p.a.

Why choose a mortgage from VÚB bank?

  • We understand mortgages like no one else
    VÚB bank granted its first mortgages in Slovakia as far back as 1998. Multiple winner of the Mortgage of the Year awards from Fincentrum and TREND magazine.
  • We’ll tailor a mortgage to you
    we will provide you with expert advice, we can discuss your ideas and tailor your mortgage. We will help you through the process of arranging the mortgage.


How to arrange a mortgage?
Initial meeting
Arrange a meeting. During it, you get basic information about the whole process. We consult everything with you.
Submit applications
You will need proof of identity, proof of income and, if necessary, a surveyor’s report.
We will inform you about the result of the approval process. After approval, you come to sign any contractual documents.
Drawing and repayment
Hypotéku môžete čerpať na základe potvrdenia návrhu na vklad a listu vlastníctva s plombou z katastra. Peniaze pošleme na váš účet.
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Získajte hypotéku,
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Ako zelená banka sa snažíme prispieť k zdravšiemu a udržateľnému životnému štýlu a radi podporíme aj vašu snahu o eko bývanie. Našu Zelenú hypotékou môžete získať s výhodnejšou úrokovou sadzbou.

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