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Your home, your rules

A mortgage for young people who love freedom – with an extra interest rate discount.

Fulfill your dream of your own home

Interest rate

Advantageous interest rate now from only 4.39% p.a.

Repayment period

Mortgage repayment period up to 30 years


Possibility to gain a tax bonus

An interest rate discount to help young people

How can I get a lower interest rate?

Before drawing the mortgage, sign a free contractual addendum at a branch.

Any conditions?

Only that you're under 35 years old, your mortgage meets the conditions for a tax bonus, and you have a 3-, 4- or 5-year fixed period.

How long does the lower interest rate last?

For the first year of repayment or the first 12 instalments.

Mortgage calculator

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Model situation

Model situation

When, who and how to get a discount:

  1. Apply for a purpose mortgage (e.g. for a purchase, or the renovation/construction of your property).
  2. We'll inform you about your application's approval process, loan parameters, the right to a tax bonus, and potential extra discount for young people.
  3. After mortgage approval, you sign the necessary contractual documentation at the bank, including an addendum with an extra interest rate discount for young people.
  4. You can draw the mortgage after meeting the terms of the loan agreement.
  5. After drawing, the bank will inform you about the date and amount of subsequent mortgage installments. 
Representative example

Representative example

See our representative example:

The interest rate for a 4-year fixed period is from 4.39% p. a. For a monthly annuity mortgage payment of €100,000.00 with interest rate of 4.39% p. a. and maturity period of 30 years, it amounts to €500.17. No provision fee (upon meeting the bank's conditions).

The total amount that the client must pay over the mortgage period with a 4-year fixed period is €211,131.20, including monthly loan insurance instalments of €70.40. The annual percentage rate of costs (APR) is 5.99%, the number of instalments is 360. The resulting APR is rounded to two decimal places. The granting of a loan on the terms offered is subject to the bank's approval.

An extra interest rate discount for young people of 0.3% for the first 12 mortgage instalments represents an annual saving of €210.60.

The APR calculation and the total amount also allow for the following estimated costs of the client, which may differ from the actual costs: the annual cost of insuring the subject of security of €50, the cost of preparing an expert opinion on the subject of security of €150, the cost of registering the lien of €66, and the monthly cost of maintaining a bank account with VÚB of €11. For APR calculation, the date of drawing down the entire amount of the loan is assumed to be the 6th September 2023, and the date of the first installment the 5th October 2023. The calculated amount of annuity instalments is the same throughout the entire loan period. A flat serves as security for the loan.

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Our tips for getting a mortgage for young people

What are the conditions for claiming a tax bonus?

  • the tax bonus is equal to 50% of the interest paid on one loan per year, up to €400
  • it can be claimed for a maximum of 5 consecutive years from the start of the mortgage
  • it can be claimed for the purpose of buying a flat/house or part thereof, constructing or completing a property, modifying or maintaining a property, or even for a combination of these purposes
  • the loan repayment period is from 5 to 30 years

What requirements do you need to meet to qualify for a tax bonus?

  • age limit: you (and all your co-borrowers) must be up to 35 years old on the date of applying for the housing loan
  • income amount: your average gross monthly income, calculated for the previous calendar year, must not exceed 1.3 times your average monthly salary.

Tip for you:

You can claim the tax bonus at the relevant tax office as part of your tax return. To apply for the bonus, you need to submit a certificate which you can request at any VÚB branch.  

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