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Refinancing loan

We make repayment easier
Replace your old loans with a VÚB refinancing loan. You will not have to wonder if you've paid all the installments this month and mainly you will save money.

Fast equipment

Fast, easy and without unnecessary documents

Lower interest

Reduce your interest and save on the monthly installment

One installment

Combine your loans into one installment and pay less

Choose the loan amount

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Set the loan maturity period

0 - 0 -
  • Your monthly installment
    • This bonus gives you savings of - EUR

You can also save on a loan.

  • Maximum loan amount 35 000 €
  • Maximum repayment period 96 months
  • For clients in this age range 18 - 73 years
Refinancing process
Recommended documents

Recommended documents

If you are interested in refinancing your current loan or multiple loans, you can conveniently arrange the process at our branch office. To save time and to get a new loan as soon as possible, you can find a list of the necessary documents and papers to bring with you.

  • Consumer Loan: Loan agreement
  • Credit or installment card: Card account statement (it may also be from IB) or a loan agreement
  • Overdraft on the current account: an agreement on the establishment of an authorized overdraft or a current account statement where this overdraft is set up (may also be from IB)
  • Loan from a non-bank or leasing company: a current credit balance statement

If you need advice on your situation before you visit a branch please feel free to contact us.

Allowed overdraft

Allowed overdraft

With the authorized overdraft, you will always have some extra money available.
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