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Green Loan for eco-friendly technologies

With the VÚB Green Loan, we give the green light to your needs as well as the planet’s.

Discover the benefits of the Green Loan

We will refund

your loan origination fee


from €500 to €35,000

Preferential interest rate

starting at 6.50% p.a.

Choose the loan amount


Set the loan maturity period

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What is the Green Loan?

The Green Loan is intended for financing technologies and products that have a lower environmental load and improve the energy efficiency of properties and vehicles.

Energy savings

Energy savings

Insulation of a single-family house, introduction of gas heating or replacement of a gas boiler, photovoltaic panels, preparation of project documentation, obtaining an energy certificate.

Ecological innovations

Ecological innovations

Biomass boiler, rainwater storage tank, heat pump, solar collectors for heating water.

Green reconstruction

Green reconstruction

Replacement of windows, green roof, recuperation, asbestos removal.

Take advantage of the government subsidy with your Green Loan

Are you planning to renovate an older single-family house? Reduce your investment costs with a state-provided subsidy. After financing the renovation with our loan, you can take advantage of the subsidy and get part of the funds back.

How to apply for the Green Loan?

The Green Loan can be arranged at any VÚB branch.

We’ll advise you on everything and calculate the loan and instalment amounts without any obligation on your part.

The Green Loan comes with many benefits

  • It can be used to finance already completed renovations and purchases
  • Favourable loan insurance for carefree loan repayment
  • You can choose a repayment period of between 13 and 96 months, or up to 120 months* 
  • The money is available to you as soon as you sign the contract
  • You only need to submit documents for 80% of the loan amount
  • The documentation can be submitted within 12 months after drawing the loan

* upon submission of a Recovery and Resilience Facility Financing Agreement

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