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Service Contact

Get faster and more secure access to our 24/7 advice directly from your Mobile Banking

About the service Contact

With Service Contact, you'll get instant access to your accounts, selected services and bank transaction entries, along with our professional advice.

We are available by calling:

0850 123 000 

In Slovakia

+421 248 555 970



Now you can contact the bank even more easily

Call us from the Mobile Banking app and save time with lengthy identity verification. Thanks to the Contact service directly in the app, it's easier, faster and more secure.

How to do it?

How to do it?

  1. Log in to Mobile Banking with a 4-digit mobile PIN or biometrics
  2. An orange lightning bolt icon will appear in the bottom right menu
  3. After clicking it, select the first option Contact
  4. Once connected, we will no longer need you to authenticate with the security feature


  • information on products, interest rates, rate card and price list,
  • advice on products and services provided by the bank.

If you use Nonstop Banking you also get other benefits without the need for a data connection:

  • Setting up and adjusting selected products over the phone without the need to visit a branch,
  • the possibility to make payment orders,
  • set up SMS/email alerts, set limits on security features and payment cards.


Accounts and Payments

  • entering simple payment and foreign payment orders, standing and automatic transfers and setting up direct debits
  • checking the current balance and account movements
  • sending payment confirmations to the client's email
  • setting up account statements
  • account modification (i.e. adjusting the account to the client's needs)

Payment cards

  • blocking of payment cards
  • deactivation and activation of payment cards
  • information on transactions made with payment cards
  • setting up payment card notifications
  • setting payment card limits
  • issuing a payment card


  • concluding a VUB loan contract over the phone
  • concluding a Flexidebet contract over the phone
  • credit card contract conclusion

Services for you

  • advice and assistance
  • blocking
  • security
  • reporting cash and exchange transactions
  • confirmations for products and services without visiting a branch
  • travel and personal effects insurance
  • arranging an appointment at a bank branch


You can obtain the Contact service at any branch or via the web form by setting up the Nonstop Banking service of which it is a part. Setting up Nonstop Banking is free of charge and is not conditional on using any other product of the Bank. By setting up Nonstop Banking, you automatically get access to all Nonstop Banking services free of charge:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Contact service
  • ePayments


You log in to the Contact service via

  • an identification number (ID)
  • In the second step, you confirm your login with one of the security features SMS Authorization, Mobile PIN, Mobile Token or Token

If you call the Contact service from the VUB Mobil Banking application, you will not need to log in and your request will be processed faster.

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