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VÚB Account

Open a personal account for free


You can tailor your account to suit your needs

Saving account

Possibility to open up to 5 savings accounts

No charge

Totally free of charge account management for active use

How to get a BONUS of up to EUR 60 for your Account for a greener world
How to get a BONUS of up to EUR 60 for your Account for a greener world
How to get a BONUS of up to EUR 60 for your Account for a greener world
Get the first €30 for opening the Greener World Account and saving a minimum of €50 in the Savings Account
Get an add 30 EUR for card payments to your acc via Apple Pay/Google Pay/Garmin Pay/Xiaomi Pay/Swatch Pay! in amount of min.100 EUR
Plus you get 12 months free account maintenance when you open online.

With VÚB Account, you get a flexible and modern account to manage your money.

  • Up to 10 services for €7 per month
  • Up to 100% discount on the account maintenance fee thanks to the Loyalty Reward.

With VÚB Account you will be able to manage your finances easily. Are your needs changing? You can exchange the products and services in your account for others at any time and combine them at any time according to your needs, free of charge.

Plus, you get

  • VISA Inspire payment card
  • Debit Mastercard Good Angel payment card
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Up to 5 Savings Accounts, including 1 Mortgage Savings Account
  • Unlimited card payments
  • unlimited withdrawals from VUB Bank ATMs
  • unlimited payments via standing order, automatic transfer, SEPA direct debit
  • one-off online payments
  • e-mail and PUSH notifications of account movements
  • SMS notifications of account movements (from 1.1.2020 each SMS notification is charged at €0.15, the total fee for all SMS notifications sent is max. €2.00/month)

All interest rates related to the VUB Account can be found in the interest rates section.


The "Account for a Greener World" campaign is valid from 01.05.2024 to 31.07.2024. All information can be found on the Account for a Greener World website and in the Public Pledge.

If you request to transfer your account, the applicable benefit will be listed on the Account Transfer page.

How to open a VÚB account? It is very simple.
Not our client?
Never mind, you can easily open a VÚB account online.

Set up online
Online in the mobile app
Are you already our client and have VÚB Mobile Banking? Open a VÚB account directly in the mobile app.

Go to the application
Internet banking
Open a VÚB account in the comfort of your home via Internet banking.

Go to Internet banking
Contact us
Do you have questions about the product or need help setting it up? Feel free to contact us.

Contact us


Get 12 months of free account maintenance with fast and easy ONLINE setup of VÚB Účet through Internet banking or the VÚB Mobil banking app.

If you are not yet a VÚB customer, you can open an account online using the easiest and fastest method: through the VÚB Mobil Banking app.

We will guide you step by step.
It only takes a few minutes and you can set up our products easily and conveniently from your mobile device.
Download the app
Download the VUB Mobil Banking app

Download the app
Select the product you are interested in
Identity card
Take a photo of your ID card from both sides
Identity verification
Take a picture of your face with your mobile phone to verify your identity
Personal data
You confirm your personal data
Required data
You will fill in a few necessary details
You set a password to access Internet Banking and a Mobile PIN
Sign the necessary documents

Download the VÚB Mobil Banking app

Get a discount on the monthly fee

Get a discount on the monthly fee

By actively using your account, you will receive a loyalty reward.
Account transfer

Account transfer

Transfer your account to us
Do you simply want to change the bank that maintains your account and you do not have the desire and time to run around the banks?
Does a lot of worries and equipment discourage you?


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