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Savings Account for Seniors

Designed for all pension beneficiaries who are Senior Account holders. Save your free funds easily, quickly and efficiently.

No fee

You don’t pay for opening and maintaining an account

Save On Your Terms

The regularity and amount of saving is up to you

Bonus interest

You have the option of getting a bonus interest rate.

Select type of savings account

Insert initial opening deposit

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Insert regular monthly deposit

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Insert saving period

0 - 0 -

Select type of savings account

Insert initial opening deposit

min 0 EUR
max 0 EUR

Insert regular monthly deposit

min 0 EUR
max 0 EUR

Insert saving period

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An even more beautiful pension

Will you manage to not spend your entire pension? Would you like a comfortable future without financial worries? A Saving account for Seniors can be a way to achieve this.  

With the Savings account for Seniors, you can easily and efficiently manage your savings. Get started today! By regularly postponing finances, you can create a solid reserve for everything that life will bring. Whether it’s unexpected situations or, on the contrary, joyful moments with family. 
So that your finances grow even more, we have also added a preferential bonus interest rate to your savings. Why wait? Open a Saving account for Seniors today! 

How to get bonus interest rate

Regular Monthly Payments 

to a savings account in the amount of 20 EUR – 1000 EUR 

No Debit Transactions 

in a given calendar month 

The Owner of the Savings Account for Seniors 

is the owner of a Senior account 

Bonus Rate of 0.10 % p. a. 

Balances above EUR 30 000 are remunerated at an interest rate of 0.00 % p.a. 

More information about interest rates can be found on the Interest rates of deposit products page. 

Benefits of the Savings Account for Seniors

  • Your money is always at hand. 

  • Account management is free of charge. 

  • You can evaluate your savings with regular savings at a bonus interest rate of up to 0.10 % p. a. 

  • You can change the amount of saving according to your needs. 

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Open a Senior Account

Open a Senior Account

A bank account for pensioners tailored to your needs
How to save when I'm a senior?
How to save when I'm a senior?
  • Do you want to enrich your life with new experiences? You didn't have the opportunity to travel during a working age, so you want to explore the world now? Or are you thinking about your children and grandchildren and want to give them a better life? Setting goals will help you plan your finances better. Setting Goals
  • It's never too late to start saving. However, the sooner you start, the more time you will have to achieve your financial goals. Even with smaller regular deposits, you can save a nice amount of money over time. Start as soon as possible
  • With regular deposits, you will reach your goal faster. Set an amount that you can conveniently set aside each month and you can always change it as needed. Regularity is key

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