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With the quiz in the Junior banking app, kids can easily master finances.
On top of that, they can get their own Visa card, a smartwatch, and a reward of up to €30.

Getting a 30 euro reward is sooo easy:


You'll get the first €10 for opening the VÚB Junior Account with a Visa bank card for your child.



The second €10 can be earned by making any payment with the Visa Card for Young People.


You can get the third €10 by activating the Junior Banking app for your child.

Public promise

Junior Account is free

With the Junior Account, children up to 15 years old have no account maintenance fees, can make mobile payments and withdrawals, or start saving with a favourable interest rate.

What our children learn about money in childhood, shows on their bank account when grown

Make Introducing your children to the world of finance fun thanks to the money quiz in the app. There are nearly 100 fun tasks of varying difficulty waiting for them. After completing the tasks, your children will not only gain a wealth of knowledge, but they'll also get a chance to win a cool smartwatch. More than 1,500 children have already tried the fun financial education in the Junior Banking app. More than 70% of users have rated the educational module 4 ⋆ or better.

Acquire basic terms

Learn about security

Develop good habits

Prepare for real life

Win a smartwatch with the quiz for kids

It pays to take the money quiz in Junior Banking! Answer all the questions and you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw for 20× children's smartwatches with functions such as:

  • voice and video calls
  • messages
  • camera
  • schedule upload
  • SOS button
  • GPS
  • step counter, alarm, calendar
  • and many others

Statute of the prize draw

Download the VÚB Junior Banking app

What you might like to know about Junior Banking:
What you might like to know about Junior Banking
What you might like to know about Junior Banking:
Perfect overview of your children's finances – whether they're shopping in stores or online.
Your child can pay online using a one-time virtual card that you approve in advance in your parent app.
Your children's pocket money is safe inside the app, unlike actual cash in the pocket.
As a parent, you can easily deactivate the app if their phone gets lost or stolen.

Benefits for children 8 – 11 years old

  • With the VÚB Junior Banking app, children will increase their financial literacy in a fun and interactive way.
  • They can ask a parent for help in solving the quiz and share the progress they make, for which parents can send a small cash reward to their account.
  • Children can ask anyone in the family to send some pocket money to their account.
  • The children's account comes with a VISA debit card.

Benefits for children 12 – 15 years old

  • Your teenager can use their own VISA debit card.
  • Teens can request money not only from their parents, but also anyone in the family (e.g., grandparents or godparents), even if the relative doesn't have an account with VÚB.
  • They don't need to carry their bank card on them – simply withdraw money from the ATM via the mobile app.
  • With the app, teens will always pay online safely by confirming payments directly in the app via 3D Secure.

Getting started with the app

  • Download the VÚB Junior Banking app to your smartphone and follow the instructions to activate it.
  • Once you activate the app on your parent device, download it to your child's smartphone and follow the instructions.
  • Tip: Motivate and reward your children through the app. Simply give them a task and a notification will let you know when it's done. Your child can get a few extra €€ for doing it in return.

And how about your family getting an extra €90?

If neither you nor your child have an account with us yet, you can earn a bonus of up to €90 by combining rewards for new VÚB accounts. In addition to a reward of up to €30 for the Junior Account, you can also earn:

BONUS of up to EUR 60 for VÚB Account

Open a VÚB account ONLINE via the Mobil Banking app or Internet Banking, save a minimum of €50 in your Savings Account, and if it stays there until the end of the next month, we'll give you the first €30.

Earn an additional €30 by making Visa card payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Xiaomi Pay or SwatchPAY totalling at least €50.

Plus, when you open an account online, you get account maintenance for 12 months free.

Learn more about getting a BONUS of up to EUR 60 for VÚB Account and our Public Pledge.

EUR 60 reward for account transfer

You can also get a reward of €60 when you transfer your current account to us and meet a couple of simple conditions. All you need to do is save up at least €50 in your Savings Account and keep the money there until the end of the next month. In addition, you also need to set up a standing order for a minimum of EUR 50 to your Savings Account.

You'll be able to use your transferred account for 6 months free of charge.

Your savings account is free when you open a current account.

With Junior Banking, finances are a piece of cake.
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