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Insurance in the Mountains

Benefits of mountain insurance

No upper age limit

Our mountain insurance has no upper age limit.

According to your needs

For a shorter period, or all year with an unlimited number of trips.

Amenities anywhere

You can easily arrange insurance online from the comfort of your home.

Going to the mountains?

Do you love hiking or sports activities in the Slovak mountains? Take advantage of our mountain insurance, which guarantees you protection in the event of an emergency. You don’t have to worry about the high costs of rescue, first aid and transport to a medical facility. Taking out insurance for the Slovak mountains is quick and easy, especially through an online platform.   

Do you need One-time or annual insurance?

One-time insurance in the mountains 

Suitable for tourists with a shorter trip to the Slovak mountains for less than 1 year. The insurance is valid for the entire insurance period. The premium is paid once, no later than on the day of commencement of the insurance, while the premium is paid on the day the payment is credited to the insurance company's account. 

Annual insurance in the mountains 

Designed for tourists who visit the Slovak mountains often, even several times a year. The insurance period is 1 year, so you get insurance for an unlimited number of trips throughout the year. After 1 year, the insurance automatically extends for another period. The first premium is payable no later than on the day of commencement of the insurance, the subsequent premium payable at the beginning of the next insurance period. The premium is paid on the day the payment is credited to the insurer's account.  

No age limit

Persons under 18 years of age and have covered health insurance in the Slovak Republic and permanent residence in the Slovak Republic do not have to take out insurance.  Otherwise, there is no upper age limit for search and rescue insurance in the Slovak Republic. . Under-age foreign nationals do not have search and rescue insurance covered by their health insurance company and should be insured. 

What does our mountain insurance cover

Mountain insurance is insurance that provides you with financial protection in the event of an accident or other disability during your stay in the Slovak Mountains. Mountain insurance covers the costs of: 

  • Cost of rescue activities of the Mountain Rescue Service
  • Searching for the insured, rescuing the insured in distress, carrying or transporting the insured using appropriate technical means
  • Necessary transport of the insured person from the mountain area to a medical facility or to the place of transport by a transport rescue service
  • First aid - necessary treatment carried out by members of the Fire and Rescue Service, in order to avert the risk of life-threatening danger or acute pain

The amount of insurance coverage for rescue insurance in the mountains, where rescue activities are carried out by the Mountain Rescue Service, in the Slovak Republic, is EUR 10,000. The insurance coverage is valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic and covers your most popular sports: hiking-walking and mountain hiking, downhill and cross-country skiing on marked trails and landscaped terrains, snowboarding and tobogganing on marked trails and landscaped terrains, bobsledding.  

How to obtain insurance for the mountains? Simple!
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You can solve small accidents on your own. Leave the bigger ones to us.

You can solve small accidents on your own.

Leave the bigger ones to us. Easily insure yourself online.

How to report an insured event

If an insured event arises, i.e. you need rescue in a mountain area, you are obliged to contact the Mountain Rescue Service. You can do this by calling 18 300 or 112, or via the Mountain Rescue app. 

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