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Asset accounts

An asset account serves to record the ownership of all the client's registered securities that the bank has accepted on its account.

Asset accounts

According to the type of securities attributed to the asset account we distinguish:

  • asset account for Slovak securities,
  • asset account for foreign securities.

The following movements can be performed on the asset account:

  • sale (delivery) of securities against receipt of the amount / purchase price,
  • sale (delivery) of securities without receipt of the amount / purchase price,
  • purchase (receipt) of securities against payment of the amount/purchase price,
  • purchase (receipt) of securities without payment of the amount/purchase price,
  • acquisition of securities by inheritance or donation.

The advantage of using the asset management service at VÚB, a.s. is the structure of fees taking into account the small investors' portfolios, as the amount of fees for managing the asset account depends on the nominal value of the securities portfolio. Fees to clients are broken down into zones in accordance with the price list.


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