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Insurance from VÚB

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Travel insurance and personal belongings insurance


Advantageous compulsory contractual motor vehicle third party

Product selection

Wide selection of insurance products

Credit insurance

Insurance coverage for the repayment of VÚB loans will protect you and your loved ones from the occurrence of unforeseen life situations.
  • from financial difficulties in unexpected life situations
  • The possibility of insuring the loss of employment as well
  • Simple concluding directly on the credit agreement
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Credit card repayment insurance

Credit card repayment insurance will protect you and your loved ones from the occurrence of unforeseen life situations such as death, loss of employment.
  • Throughout the entire period of the credit card duration
  • The client pays the insurance only in case of use of the credit card
  • Simple concluding directly on credit card applications
Poistenie kreditných kariet

La Vita Life insurance

The best investment in life. Versatile and flexible insurance that protects you against unfavorable life situations.
  • Insurance for more than 15 types of risks
  • Investment or risk variant
  • Insurance for children as well
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Travel insurance

Our comfortable insurance protects you whether you’re abroad or in the Slovak mountains. Choose according to how often you travel or the purpose of your trip.
  • Family insurance for up to 4 people
  • A wide scope of coverage
  • All over the world
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Car insurance

The liability for damage caused by the operation of a motor vehicle is mandatory by law for all car owners.
  • Využite asistenčné služby zadarmo
  • Klient si môže vybrať z troch balíkov PZP
  • Uzatvorte si poistenie online
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Personal belongings insurance

Have you lost stuff? Don’t despair! Insurance for your personal belongings, mobile phone or payment card protects you from both loss and theft.
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Poistenie majetku DOMino Trio

DOMino Trio je jedinečné balíčkové poistenie, v ktorom máte všetko, čo potrebujete, aby bol váš majetok komplexne chránený.
  • Rovnaké krytie v balíkoch – odlišné limity PS
  • Jednoduchý a rýchly balíkový produkt
  • Pevne určené základné krytie
Poistenie majetku DOMino Trio

Poistenie osobných vecí a karty

V spolupráci s poisťovňou BNP Paribas Cardif Poisťovňa, a.s. ponúkame pre našich klientov produkt Poistenie osobných vecí a karty.
Poistenie osobných vecí a karty

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Klienti VÚB majú uzatvorené poistenie v poisťovni Generali Poisťovňa, pobočka poisťovne z iného členského štátu alebo v poisťovni Cardif.
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