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Refinancing the Mortgage

Save on your mortgage.
Transfer your existing mortgage to VÚB and save on the monthly installment. You can also change the repayment period or increase the mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing pays off with us

Mortgage increase

Mortgage increase for additional resources


Lower monthly payment

Merge loans

Merge multiple loans into one

Insert current monthly installment

Insert Loan Amount

min 0 EUR max 0 EUR

Insert Repayment Period

0 - 0 -

Select the Fixed Interest Rate period

  • Your new monthly installment
    • Interest rate % p.a. - %
    • Monthly Savings - EUR
    • Total Savings - EUR

In addition, you will also get

Preferential interest rate 

You can get a preferential interest rate starting at 4.09% p.a.

Wide selection of fixation periods

Choose from short or long interest fixation periods (up to 10 years).

How to refinance a mortgage from another bank?
Visit any VÚB branch
We’ll provide you with all the basic information about the loan terms and the documents you need to submit with your application.
Submit an application
Bring all the necessary documents and apply for a loan.
If multiple people are applying for a loan, sign the application together.
Approval and signature
We will inform you of the outcome of the approval procedure. Then we will arrange a meeting and you will sign the documents.
Bring the signed mortgage agreements and the lien proposal to the Cadastral Office.
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