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Credit cards

A credit card lets you access funds easily and conveniently.

Money available at any time

Interest-free period

Interest-free period for non-cash card payments up to 50 days

Revolving loan

Revolving loan – what you repay can be re-drawn

Fee discount

Up to 100% fee discount for active usage of the card

Overview of our credit cards

With a credit card, unlike with a debit card,
you pay using credit limit.

Mastercard Standard

Card to cover unexpected expenses or something extra.
  • By using the card, you can get a discount of up to 100% of the fee
  • Rewards from online purchases
  • Simple control and flexibility
Mastercard Standard

Mastercard World

Discover the benefits of a world-class credit card Get rewards from every purchase on the Internet.
  • We reward you for every purchase you make online
  • Exclusive worldwide insurance for up to 5 passengers
  • You wait for your flight in the comfort of airport lounges-LoungeKey
Mastercard World

Šikovná Card

Credit card with a fixed monthly instalment
  • Teraz aj vo verzii bez plastu
  • Mesačné splátky v rovnakej výške
  • Odmena z nákupov na internete
Šikovná karta
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