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Visa Inspire

Withdraw cash from Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs for free with this international payment card.

Secure payments

Free cash withdrawals from VÚB and Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs

Contactless payments

Simple contactless mobile payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay

Card on demand

Issuing a card on demand at any branch

Visa inspire
Detail information
  • Card Type Unembossed
  • Maximum daily limit 5 000 €/day
  • Validity 5 years with auto renewal
Card functionalities available in VÚB Mobile Banking app
VÚB Account
Card functionalities available in VÚB Mobile Banking app
Overview of debit card payments
Card blocking in event of loss or theft, and re-issuance
Adding card to Apple Pay or Google Pay
ATM withdrawals without card
Adjustment of debit card limits
Secure shopping

Secure shopping

Peace of mind with 3D Secure

Protection from loss

  • If your card is misused due to loss or theft (PIN-free contactless payments), we will also reimburse you for losses beyond the legal requirements.

How to shop securely? 

PIN kód a kartové údaje v mobile

PIN kód a kartové údaje v mobile

PIN kód vždy pri sebe

  • Pin kód si už nemusíte pamätať ani meniť na ľahšie zapamätateľný. Jednoducho a rýchlo si ho zobrazíte v mobilnej aplikácii VÚB Mobil Banking. Video ako si zobraziť PIN kód nájdete TU. 

Na internete zaplatíte hocikedy, aj bez karty v peňaženke

  • Platba kartou na internete jednoducho a rýchlo. Všetky potrebné údaje na platbu kartou  na internete nájdete v aplikácii VÚB Mobil Banking. Video návod nájdete TU.  
Contactless payments

Contactless payments

Contactless card payments

  • Simply hold the card by payment terminal – no PIN necessary for payments up to €50.

Mobile payments

ATM withdrawals and deposits

ATM withdrawals and deposits

Free ATM withdrawals

  • All withdrawals from Intesa San Paolo ATMs are free with our Visa Inspire, Visa Inspire Gold, and Youth Card. As well as VÚB ATMs in Slovakia, Intesa San Paolo ATMs are also available in: Albania, Egypt, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, and Ukraine.

Mobile ATM withdrawals

  • You can also withdraw cash from VÚB ATMs without a card via your mobile phone by using the VÚB Mobile Banking app. Select the amount in the app, and enter the one-time code into the ATM. 

ATM deposits

Ecological solutions

Ecological solutions

Recycle expired payment cards

  • Take your expired cards to any VÚB branch for appropriate recycling. Old cards from other banks and plastic loyalty cards can also be deposited in the card collection point. 

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