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 Online management

Online card management via IB
or VÚB Mobil Banking

 Bezkontaktné platby

Contactless payments
via Google Pay and Apple Pay

 Bezpečné platby

Secure payments on the Internet
via 3D Secure

 Výber z bankomatu mobilom

ATM withdrawal with a

Overview of our debit cards

VISA cards

Karta VISA Inspire

VISA Inspire

Unembossed card

Free withdrawals from Intensa
Sanpaolo ATMs.

Maximum daily limit

5 000 €


5 years

Ready-to-use card

We will issue the card to you immediately at any VÚB bank branch.

Karta VISA Inspire Gold

VISA Inspire Gold

Embossed card

Premium card with prestigious design
and with the benefits of the Visa Benefit Program.

Maximum daily limit

18 000 €


5 years

Exclusive benefits to your Visa Inspire Gold card

Discounts at selected traders. Visa Assistance
and v

Karta pre mladých


Unembossed card

Convenient contactless mobile payments
via Google Pay and Apple Pay

Maximum daily limit

5 000 €


5 years


Withdrawals in Slovakia and abroad are free
or for a discounted fee.

Special debit cards

Karta Maestro Dobrý Anjel

Maestro Dobrý Anjel

Unembossed card

For each of its uses, we donate money to those
who need it most. More about the help.

Maximum daily limit

5 000 €


3 years

0.2% of each payment

For each of your purchases paid for by our charity card, VÚB banka will contribute its own money to the Dobrý anjel system.

Bratislavská mestská karta

Bratislava City Card

Unembossed card

Multifunctional contactless payment card,
transport card, and library card in one.

Maximum daily limit

5 000 €


3 years

Benefits for citizens of Bratislava

Use it as a transportation card, library card, or to claim discounts throughout Bratislava.


You can request a card for yourself
or for other people, e.g. for family members.

Advantages of our debit cards

Special offers for cardholders

Take full advantage of your card with special offers.


See discounts on accommodation
throughout Europe from Visa.


At home or on the go. Calim your Visa Benefit offer.

Bezpečné online nakupovanie

Safe online

Safe thanks to 3D secure

You confirm your card payments on the Internet with the 3D Secure security feature included in our Nonstop banking service. Learn more about using 3D Secure.

Lost card is not an issue

In case of card misuse (unauthorized use, i.e. without the use of PIN), we will also refund losses beyond the law. You can also claim undelivered online order or cancellation of booked accommodation or flight. More at

Bezkontaktné platby

Contactless payments

Contactless card payments

Just put your card to the payment terminal. No need to enter a PIN for payments up to €50.

Contactless mobile or phone payments

Pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay, which we have integrated into our app.

Bezplatný výber aj vklad cez bankomat

Free withdrawal
and deposit via ATM

Free ATM withdrawals

All withdrawals from Intesa San Paolo GROUP ATMs are free with our Visa Inspire, Visa Inspire Gold and FEJM Card. In addition to VÚB ATMs in Slovakia, you can also find ISP ATMs in these countries: Albania, Egypt, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and Ukraine.

Mobile ATM withdrawal

In Slovakia, you can withdraw cash from an ATM with a mobile phone – using the VÚB Mobil banking app.

Use ATMs with deposit option

The debit card allows you to deposit cash free of charge into your VÚB current account via the VUB ATMs that support the deposit function.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

  • When you pay with a debit card, you use your own funds.
    When paying by credit card, you do not use your funds, but the bank's funds.
  • A debit card is commonly issued to an account, a credit card is a form of credit.
  • You can find out more about credit cards here.

How do I set up free push notifications?

You can easily set up free PUSH notifications about movement on your account via the VÚB Mobil Banking app. More information about the process can be found HERE.

How do I set limits or block a card?

You can easily set a payment limit via Internet banking or via the VÚB Mobil banking app. Just tap on Card Overview in the menu. Refer to the instructions for the full procedure.

What can I set up online?

You always have your cards under control in our mobile application and Internet banking. You can set limits on payments and withdrawals, temporarily deactivate your card, or add it to Google Pay and Apple Pay.