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Insurance coverage for the repayment of VÚB credit cards will protect you and your loved ones from the occurrence of unforeseen life situations such as death, loss of employment, inability to work, or permanent disability.

The main benefits of credit card insurance:

  • insurance protection throughout the entire period of the credit card duration
  • simple concluding directly on credit card applications
  • the client pays the insurance only in case of use of the credit card
  • the possibility of insuring the loss of employment as well
  • in the event of a claim, your obligation to repay the debt on the card account will be taken over by the insurance company

How can you insure your credit card?

  • you choose one of the two insurance sets directly on your credit card application
  • just your signature on the application is sufficient to conclude the insurance
  • the insurance premiums is charged together with the minimum monthly installment

We offer two sets of insurance:

  • Insurance set A – risk of death, permanent disability, incapacity to work
  • Insurance set B – risk of death, permanent disability, incapacity to work and job losses

All clients who are under 65 and are eligible for insurance under the General Insurance Terms may be eligible for insurance.