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Sustainable product

Open a Greener Planet Account

For nature and yourself – support a non-profit project and get a bonus of up to €60

Environmentally friendly...

  • Symbolic contribution to a project with a positive social impact
    When setting up the account, you can pick a project that we'll support on your behalf – Upracme Slovensko (Cleaner Slovakia), WWF, or Cesta von (The Way Out)
  • Paperless account setup
    Open a Greener Planet Account online or in person and enjoy the benefits
  • Plastic-free card
    Get a plastic-free card that's environmentally friendly

...and profitable.

  • 12 months for free
    Open a Greener Planet account online via Internet or Mobile Banking and get a 100% account maintenance fee discount for 12 months
  • Bonus up to €60
    Get the bonus for opening a Greener Planet Account and fulfilling other conditions. 
  • 50% annual Travel Insurance discount
    Open a Greener Planet Account online and get a 50% annual Travel Insurance discount from Generali. Set it up in 15 minutes.
  • Benefits of Green Loans
    Get a fee discount on the Green Loan and enjoy the benefits of the Green Mortgage
How to get a bonus of up to €60 with the Greener Planet Account?
How to get a bonus of up to €60 with the Greener Planet Account?
How to get a bonus of up to €60 with the Greener Planet Account?
Get a €30 reward for opening the GreenerPlanet Account and for saving a min. of €50 in the Savings Account – if it's still there to
Earn an additional €30 for making Visa card payments totalling at least €100 using Apple Pay/Google Pay/Garmin Pay/Xiaomi Pay/Swatc
Plus, get 12 months of free account maintenance for opening an account online.

The campaign is effective from 1 May 2024 until 30 June 2024. Full details of the terms and conditions can be found in the Public Pledge.

Organisations we'll support on your behalf


Upracme Slovensko (Cleaner Slovakia)

Cesta von (The Way Out)

The Public Pledge for ESG projects contains full details of the conditions.

How to open a Greener Planet Account?
Not a client?
No worries. You can open a Greener Planet Account simply online.

Open an account online
In the app
Already a VÚB client with Mobile Banking? Open a Greener Planet Account in the app.

Go to the app.
Via Internet Banking
Already a VÚB client with Internet Banking? Open a Greener Planet Account via Internet Banking from the comfort of your home.

Open online
Contact Service
Do you have questions about a product or need help with setup? Feel free to contact us.

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Get an account for 12 months free of charge by quickly and easily setting up a VÚB account ONLINE via Internet Banking or the VÚB Mobile Banking app

If you're not a VÚB client yet, open an account online through the VÚB Mobile Banking app – it's the quickest and easiest way.

We'll walk you through the process step by step.
Get your products set up conveniently on your phone in minutes.
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Download the VÚB Mobile Banking app

Download app
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Verify your identity
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Personal data
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Set a password for access to Internet Banking and a Mobile PIN.
Sign the required documents

Download the VUB Mobil Banking app

The VÚB Greener Planet Account is a flexible and modern solution for personal finance management.

Personal finance management made simple with the VÚB Account. Changing needs? You can swap the products and services on your account for different ones or combine them to suit your needs – for free.

In addition, you get

  • VISA Inspire payment card
  • Debit Mastercard Dobrý Anjel payment card
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Up to five Savings Accounts, including one Mortgage Savings Account
  • Unlimited card payments
  • Unlimited withdrawals from VÚB Bank ATMs
  • Unlimited payments via standing order, automatic transfer, SEPA direct debit
  • One-time online payments
  • account activity e-mail and PUSH notifications
  • Account activity SMS notifications (from 1 January 2020, each SMS notification is charged at €0.15; the maximum fee for SMS notifications is €2.00/month)

You can find all interest rates related to VÚB Accounts under Interest rates.

Setting up an account at a branch? Here's how to get it for free for 12 months:

Get a 100% management fee discount with the Loyalty Reward.

Are you a student or under 26 years old?

Enjoy the awesome Student or Junior Account.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?

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Account transfer

Account transfer

Transfer your account and get a €60 reward and six months of free account management.
Do you want to transfer your bank account to VÚB but are too busy to do that? Are you worried it might be too time-consuming?

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