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Transparent accounts

An account that has a lot to offer, but doesn’t hide anything

What is the Transparent Account

The Transparent Account acts as a current bank account, but all its transactions are publicly available on the Transparent Accounts website. 

Currently, maintaining and publishing all Transparent Accounts is free of charge for 6 months.

Who is the Transparent Account for?

This account can be set up by anyone who voluntarily wants to or, from a legislative point of view, has to disclose transactions in their account, e.g.:

  • natural persons
  • the non-profit sector – especially charities and civic associations
  • political parties
  • cities and municipalities

Benefits of the Transparent Account

  • publishing of the Transparent Account is completely free
  • you increase your credibility as the general public will have free access to all transactions
  • you can choose the name of the account that will be displayed on the website
  • quick account search on the website
  • simple and detailed viewing and filtering of transactions (e.g. by date, amount, additional information, or variable symbol)
  • your own QR code through which people can send you cash contributions
Transparent Account for citizens

Transparent Account for citizens

  • an account for people who support a good cause (fundraisers for the sick, people in a difficult life situation, victims of various tragedies, etc.)
  • an account intended to finance election campaigns of candidates in municipal or presidential elections
  • you can set up multiple transparent accounts
  • your supporters will see detailed transaction information and have an overview of how you manage their contributions

What do you need to set up a VÚB Transparent Account?

natural person: valid identity document – ID card  

What do I get with the Transparent Account (natural person)

The VÚB Transparent Account package includes:

  • Maintaining and publishing of the account and transactions on the Transparent Accounts website
  • VISA INSPIRE payment card
  • unlimited debit card payments
  • unlimited cash withdrawals by debit card from VÚB ATMs
  • one-time online transfers including SEPA instant payments
  • unlimited payments via standing order, automatic transfer, SEPA, direct debit
  • receiving of cashless payments via SEPA EURO TRANSFERS and NON-SEPA EURO TRANSFERS
  • electronic statement 1x per month

You can have a VÚB Transparent Account for as little as 6 euros per month including publication.


Transparent Account for legal entities

Transparent Account for legal entities

Choose from 2 transparent account types according to your needs.

Transparent Account Plus

A convenient package of products and services that includes:

  • maintaining and publishing of the account and transactions on the Transparent Accounts website
  • monthly electronic statement
  • 100 electronic transactions per month
  • 2 debit cards – VISA Business and VISA Business Economy in any combination

You can have a Transparent Account Plus with all the benefits for 11 euros per month.

Transparent Account

  • basic current account with transaction publishing on the Transparent Accounts website
  • additional products and services can be set up for the account

You can have the Transparent Account for as little as 7 euros per month.  

What do you need to set up a Transparent Account?

  • valid identity document – ID card
  • document proving legal personality (original or officially certified copy of the document)
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