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Preferential interest

Pre-determined return with fixed interest

Deposits protected by the Deposit Protection Fund

Free establishment and maintenance

Minimum deposit 99 EUR Deposit offer in 4 currencies Optional commitment time
Or 2,500 CZK, 50 GBP, 100 USD. Term deposit in EUR or in one of the offered foreign currencies CZK, GBP, USD. For 1, 3, 6, 9*, 12, 18*, 24*, 36*, 42* and 48*months
* a term deposit with a commitment time of 18,24,36,42 and 48 months can only be opened in EUR. The 9-month commitment is in EUR, USD and GBP

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Most frequently asked questions

What is my interest rate for my money during the set period?

Term deposit funds appreciate throughout the period using the same interest rate as applicable on the day the deposit is opened. The amount of the interest rate depends on the amount of the deposit and also on the period for which you have deposited money on the term deposit. The rule is that the longer the duration and the higher the amount of money, the higher the interest rate.

How can I access the money prematurely?

Money from term deposits can be withdrawn at any time and the withdrawal usually does not have to be announced in advance if you do not withdraw a large amount. However, banks charge penalty fees for the duration of the commitment of the deposit. The VÚB fee for early withdrawal is calculated from the interest accrued up to the date of withdrawal from the amount withdrawn early.

For example, in the case of an annual deposit, the fee is an amount equal to the interest on the amount withdrawn for 180 days, but not more than the amount of interest accrued. In practice, this means that if you have an annual deposit, for example, 5,000 euros and you want to withdraw 1,000 euros after 2 months of deposit, you will only lose interest for two months on the amount withdrawn. If you withdraw the money after 9 months, you will lose interest for 6 months (180 days) and we will not touch the remaining interest.

Can I add more money to a TD?

The client can make additional deposits throughout the commitment period. All additional deposits have the same maturity date as the original deposit on the TD. At the maturity of the original deposit, all additionally deposited money is merged with the opening deposit and automatically renewed as a single deposit. You can make an additional deposit up to 195 times on the deposit account during an ongoing commitment period.

What interest rate will be associated with an additional deposit?

The term of the commitment for an additional deposit begins to run from the date of its crediting and expires on the last day of the term of the commitment of the opening deposit. The additional deposit will bear interest at the interest rate corresponding to the shortest published commitment period, such as the period of commitment for the opening deposit, effective on the date of the additional deposit.