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Powering the energy changemakers

Backed by VUB finance, one Slovak company is supporting the transition to green energy


Revol TT Consulting is involved with some of the most forward-thinking clean energy projects in the world. The specialist company makes parts for the Japanese-European project JT60SA, the most powerful tokamak in the world. A tokamak is a device used to create thermonuclear fusion power.

"We have been involved in several plasma fusion projects around the world."

Tomáš Vavro, COO of RevolTT

As such, RTC is an exciting company for VUB to support – and it demonstrates how a little financial backing can go a long way, says Andrej Viceník, senior director of VUB’s Corporate Banking Department and member of its board of directors.

RTC’s innovative approach can have a positive impact on the energy sector in providing a reliable source of energy,” he says, “but it also shows other companies a positive example of grasping the opportunity in the green energy transition.”

"Sustainable development is at the center of our activities, and aspects of social development are increasingly integrated into all banking activities."

Andrej Viceník, Director of Corporate Banking at VÚB

Tomas Vavro, chief operating officer at RTC, says: “We have been engaged in multiple plasma fusion projects all around the world. Some of the projects are large and complex, and require a partnership with a strong and reliable financial partner – a partner who can support us during the development and engineering phase towards final manufacturing, testing and integration.”

In line with the group business plan, which has a heavy focus on the green transition, VUB Bank is a leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies. “Sustainable development is at the heart of our activities, and social development aspects are increasingly integrated into all bank activities not only inside the bank, but also towards clients and the communities where we operate – although we have a long way to go,” says Viceník.

"The Intesa Sanpaolo Group wants to lead a broad sustainable transition, which is why ESG goals are an integral part of our business plan."

Giuseppe Ferraro, Director ISBD Corporate & SME Intesa Sanpaolo

“In any case, the results show that the bank is implementing ESG principles faster than anyone expected.”

Supporting clean energy is one of the key ways the Intesa Sanpaolo Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD) is working toward a greener future, says Giuseppe Ferraro, head of ISBD Corporate & SME. “Intesa Sanpaolo Group wants to lead a wide sustainable transition, which is why ESG objectives are an integral part of our business plan.

“We share these goals with international companies – so we decided to finance some of them.”

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