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Radi vám odpovieme na vaše otázky.


Nájdite vašu najbližšiu pobočku.

Favourable interest rate

The regularity of saving
is up to you

You do not pay for account management and funds transfer

ikona sporenie prasiatko

We allow you to save money for your children in a simple and effective way

Let’s teach children how to manage money from childhood

Did your child receive “pocket money” or money as a gift and you do not want them to spend it in the first store they see? Teach your child to manage money properly. Get them a Junior Savings Account so they can put their money aside for something that will make them happy in the future. Their saved money will even increase in value thanks to the favourable bonus interest rate we offer to our young clients.

For regular monthly savings of € 20 to € 1,000, your child can get a favourable bonus interest every month after establishing a Junior Savings Account

Create a financial reserve e.g. for school supplies, education or leisure activities

Think about the future of your children


Conditions for obtaining a favourable interest rate in the Junior Savings Account*

Regular monthly payments

to the savings account of EUR 20 – EUR 1,000

No debit transactions

in that calendar month

The Junior Savings Account holder

is the owner of the VÚB Junior Account

Favourable interest rate + 0.20% p.a.

*Balances over EUR 30,000 are remunerated at 0.00% p.a.

You can change the monthly payment amount depending on your needs You will always have money “at hand”


Do you want to know how your money is remunerated in the Junior Savings Account? See our interest rates.