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A savings account with a mortgage is another additional product to a VÚB Account / VÚB Magnifica Account, which allows you to easily, quickly and efficiently set aside available funds at a preferential interest rate to create a financial reserve for your mortgage loan.

In addition, money on the Savings account for a mortgage is subject to protection under the Act on Deposit Protection.

with regular monthly savings of at least 20 EUR, You will be rewarded a discounted rate of 0.20% p.a.

we enable you to save in a purposeful manner, create a reserve for example for overheads, nonscheduled or early mortgage payments at VÚB Bank

You do not pay for account maintenance and funds transfer

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with a standing order, you can be sure that your savings will bear interest at a preferential interest rate each month

Conditions for obtaining a preferential interest rate on a savings account with a mortgage *

regular monthly payments

to the savings account in the amount of 20 EUR - 1,000 EUR

maximum one debit transaction

from the Savings Account with a Mortgage in the given calendar month

the owner of the savings account

for the mortgage is the main owner of a mortgage at VÚB, who properly repays it

* Balances above € 50,000 have an interest rate of 0.00% p.a.

you can change the amount of monthly payment depending on your needs you always have the money "at hand" your savings account is always under control via Internet banking
establish your savings account easily online via the new Internet banking

Do you want to know how your money bears interest on the Savings account with a mortgage? Take a look at our interest rates..

You can also open a savings account with a mortgage through the new Internet Banking.