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A wide selection of fixed interest rates

Reimbursement of costs for an expert opinion

Maturity of up to 30 years

In addition, you will also get

Advantageous interest

You can get a favorable
interest rate from 1.29% p.a.

Long repayment period

You can pay off your mortgage
between 4 and 30 years.

A wide selection of fixation

You can choose from short and long
period of interest rate fixation (up to 8 and 10 years).

Mortgage certificate.
You will get it at VÚB for free. It serves as proof that your income is sufficient to repay the mortgage and will help you with looking for property.

We will reimburse the cost of property valuation up to € 150 (once the conditions are met)


All interest rates related to the housing Mortgage can be found in the interest rate section..

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How do you get a mortgage?

Initial meeting

We will arrange a meeting together. You’ll get the basic information during it. We will discuss everything with you, we will review your situation and calculate the amount of your loan. This offer is still non-binding.

The filing of an application

You will need identity card, proof of receipt and, if necessary, an expert opinion.


We will inform you of the outcome of the approval procedure. You will sign all the contractual documents personally. The depository contracts, the proposal for deposit in the cadaster and the loan agreement are to be registered at the cadastral office.

Drawing and repayment

You can draw the loan on the basis of a confirmation of the deposit proposal and the title deed with the seal from the cadaster. We'll send your money to your account or to the seller's account. You start to repay after the submission of the property deed for the registration of the lien.