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Don’t put off what you can already have

Do you need a new car, to reconstruct or furnish an apartment or refinance a disadvantageous loan? We have a loan for everyone. Without using property as collateral, without proof of purpose and without a guarantor.

Why choose a loan from VÚB?

No need to provide proof of the purpose of use of the loan

Loan up to € 25,000

With a maturity of 13 - 96 months

Fast and easy, even via Mobile Banking

Are you interested?

Choose the amount of the monthly installment and feel free to apply for a loan now via Internet or Mobile banking or the CONTACT Service.

Choose from our loans

I have money fast and I can use it however I want to

I can have a loan online easily and quickly, without unnecessary documents.

  • Loan without proving its purpose
  • Up to €25,000

I will reduce my monthly credit installment

I will combine all credits into one installment thus having a better overview of everything.

  • Combining all old credits into one
  • Lower interest rates and therefore lower installments

My blank account will not surprise me

I want to always have a financial reserve in case of unexpected expenses. Without demonstrating the purpose to what I will use it for.

  • I have a reserve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • I pay when it suits me