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Interest rate on 12-month term deposit up to 2,5 % p.a.

Minimum lump sum
investment of €1,500

Discounted entry fee


Combi-product combines 2 products


investment in selected Eurizon SK mutual funds 12 month term deposit
Active Bond Fund, Central European Bond Fund, Dynamic Portfolio, Balanced Growth Fund, Active Magnifica, Flexible Magnifica Fund, Flexible Conservative Fund, MIX 15 in EUR with a preferential interest rate (valid only during the first commitment period)

In addition, you will also get

up to 2,5 % on a term deposit entry fee of only 1,33% now from € 1,500
a preferential interest rate of up to 2,5 % p.a. during the first 12 months on a term deposit.

entry fee of only 1,33% from investment in mutual funds within the Combi-product


minimum total investment now from € 1,500 *


the invested amount is divided into 2 parts by 1: 2, i.e. 1/3 is invested in a term deposit and 2/3 into Eurizon SK mutual funds

(compared to a one-time investment)

the possibility to spread an investment over multiple funds at the same time *within Combi-product

All interest rates related to the VÚB Account will be found in the interest rate section.

Vypočítajte si výšku potenciálneho zhodnotenia

- + 1 500 € 100 000€

Vyberte kombináciu fondov


Minimálna investícia do každého fondu je 150 EUR

* Výška zhodnotenia má len informatívny charakter.  

Pri výpočte výkonnosti podielových fondov vychádzala VÚB, a.s. z ich minulej priemernej ročnej výkonnosti za obdobie od založenia konkrétneho podielového fondu. Minulá výkonnosť nie je spoľahlivým ukazovateľom budúcej výkonnosti; uvedená výkonnosť nezohľadňuje vstupné a výstupné poplatky, ktoré môžu znížiť hodnotu investície. S investíciou do podielových fondov je spojené aj riziko. Hodnota investície môže rásť, stagnovať, alebo aj klesať a nie je zaručená návratnosť pôvodne investovanej sumy. Kalkulačka neslúži na poskytovanie investičného poradenstva ani nepredstavuje výzvu/odporúčanie na nákup konkrétneho podielového fondu. Uvedené prognózy nie sú spoľahlivým ukazovateľom budúcej výkonnosti.


12-mesačný termínovaný vklad

Podielový fond VÚB AM

Zhodnotenie za 12-mesiacov



Investment in mutual funds is also associated with risk. The value of an investment may increase, stagnate, or even decrease, and a return on the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. For the avoidance of doubt VÚB, a.s. and Eurizon SK are not liable for financial losses caused by the decision of investors to invest their money into individual funds on the basis of or in connection with this document. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The statutes, prospectuses and key investor information for Eurizon SK mutual funds, specifying the schedule of fees and charges, are available in the Slovak language at the headquarters of Eurizon SK and the depositary, at all VÚB, a.s. sales points and on The investor has the opportunity to acquaint themselves with all the documents referred to in this paragraph. The official names of the mutual funds mentioned in this document are as follows: ACTIVE BOND FUND, otvorený podielový fond, STREDOEURÓPSKY DLHOPISOVÝ FOND, otvorený podielový fond, DYNAMICKÉ PORTFÓLIO, otvorený podielový fond, VYVÁŽENÝ RASTOVÝ FOND, otvorený podielový fond, ACTIVE MAGNIFICA, otvorený podielový fond, FLEXIBILNÝ KONZERVATÍVNY FOND, otvorený podielový fond and AKCIOVÉ PORTFÓLIO, otvorený podielový fond.

In accordance with the approved Eurizon SK mutual fund statutes, the proportion of securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the states listed in the individual funds statutes may exceed 35% of the value of the fund assets, and may represent up to 100% of this value. The investment policy of the relevant Eurizon SK mutual funds may, in accordance with the approved statutes, be to invest primarily in assets other than transferable securities and money market instruments. This material is a promotional document or marketing message. Information on investment services, including warnings on the risks associated with investments in financial instruments, including shares of mutual funds can be obtained at all VÚB, a.s. sales points and on in the section Mission and Values, Investor Protection.

* it is divided in a ratio of 1:2 (for the mutual funds – Active Bond Fund, Central European Bond Fund, Dynamic Portfolio, Balanced Growth Fund, Active Magnifica, Flexible Conservative Fund and the Equity Portfolio – it is €500 in the 12-month fixed-term deposit + €1,000 in the VÚB AM mutual funds, where the total minimum investment is €1,500). In one Combi-product it is possible to combine: Active Bond Fund, Central European Bond Fund, Dynamic Portfolio, Balanced Growth Fund, Active Magnifica, Flexible Conservative Fund, MIX 15 and Equity Portfolio, subject to the condition of a minimum investment in such funds