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Completing your application will not take you more than 15 minutes.

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You can tailor your account to suit your needs

ikona bezhotovostná platba

Totally free of charge account management for active use

12 months free of charge when opening online

ikona sporenie prasiatko

Possibility to open up to 5 savings accounts

In addition, you will also get

With a VÚB Account, you get a flexible and modern account to manage your money. Are your needs changing? You can exchange products and services at any time for others and combine them according to your needs free of charge.

Up to 11 services

for only € 6 per month

Discount of up to 100%

from your account management fee

12 months

free account management when setting up online


VISA Inspire payment card Maestro Dobrý anjel payment card Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless label,
mobile payments unlimited card payments unlimited withdrawals from VÚB Bank ATMs unlimited payments via standing orders, automatic transfers, SEPA direct debit
one-time online payments and SEPA instant payments e-mail and PUSH account notifications up to 5 savings accounts, including 1 Savings Account with a Mortgage
SMS notifications (from 1.1.2020 each SMS notification is charged by the amount of 0.15 €, the total fee for all sent SMS notifications is max. 1.00 € / month)


Get a discount on the monthly fee

By actively using your account, you will receive a loyalty reward.

How do I get a discount from my monthly account management fee?

  • Use Internet banking or Mobile Banking once a month.
  • send income of at least € 500 to the account
  • use our other products (at least 2 = 50% discount off, at least 3 = 100% discount off the fee)

VÚB products which a discount can be applied to

  • consumer credit
  • mortgage loan
  • credit card (3 credit card payments per month)
  • regular minimum savings of at least € 50 (standing order on the savings account or Investment savings SK)
  • deposit products of at least € 10,000 (savings accounts, term deposits, savings books, Eurizon SK mutual funds, mortgage bonds)
  • La Vita life insurance

All interest rates related to the VÚB Account will be found in the interest rate section..

Open a VÚB Account easily online

Open your account now online easily and get 12 months of free account management.

Are you a VÚB client and do you use our Internet banking services? Open your account via Internet banking.

If you are not a VÚB client yet, please fill out the request to open the account online.
Completing your application will not take you more than 15 minutes.
The application is divided into three simple steps:

Fill out the online application

To open an account online, you will need:

  • an email address and a mobile phone number only used by you;
  • ID card of the SR and second ID card (driving license, passport, insurance card)
  • an account with another Slovak bank which you own or fill in the permanent and correspondent address for authentication purposes.


Verify your identity

You can do this in two ways:

  • Sending a € 0.01 payment from your account - we recommend this method if you need an account to be opened as quickly as possible

    If you already own an account with another bank, we will verify you quickly and easily by transferring the amount of € 0.01 from your account. After verification, we will of course return the amount back to your account. The receiving of a payment by our Bank takes at least 24 hours on working days.
  • By courier

    Your identity is verified by a courier who you will show an identity card. Traditional method of verifying and signing documentation directly with the courier. With this verification method, it may take longer to open your account than sending a € 0.01 payment.


Signing a contract

The signature of the contractual documentation is carried out on the basis of what authentication method you have chosen.

  • Transfer to the account

    Once the verification payment is received, we will send you an email with the instructions for signing up for VÚB Internet Banking. Subsequently, after logging into Internet Banking, you sign the contract documentation by SMS code and your account will be open.
  • By courier

    If you have selected courier verification, the Nonstop Banking documentation will be brought to you by a courier who you show your identity card. You can log in to Internet Banking right after signing the contractual documentation. Upon delivery of the signed documents back to the bank, you will also have a contract to the VÚB Account prepared in the Internet banking. Immediately after signing it in Internet Banking, your account will be open.


Most frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a VÚB account?

The VÚB Account is a modern account with useful products and services that clients use most in their day-to-day management of their finances. A unique feature of a VÚB Account is its flexibility - you can exchange products and services on your account for others according to your current needs. You can make these changes at any time and free of charge, through a broad network of nearly 200 branches or via the Contact Service.

Which method of verification should I choose to open my account online?

If you own a current account with another bank, we recommend that you verify by sending a payment of € 0.01. Account opening will be faster and easier compared to courier verification. You can find your VÚB Account contract in your Internet Banking account immediately after verifying your payment. If you do not own a current account, or if you prefer the traditional method of signing documentation through a courier, select the option to verify by courier. In that case, opening an account may take several business days longer, due to the courier delivery of signed documents between the bank and you.

How can I reduce the price of the VÚB Account / VÚB Magnifica Account?

Thanks to the benefit - Reward for loyalty, you can lower your account management fee by half or get your account management fully free of charge, if you are actively using the account and using other products of the bank. For example, you will receive a 50 percent discount on account management if at least 500 euros arrives on your account per month (VÚB Account) or 1,000 euros (Magnifica VÚB Account), if you log in to Internet banking or mobile banking once a month, and if you have two more selected products of VÚB. You will find detailed information on the loyalty benefit - Reward on the Price List.

When will the benefit be credited to your account?

A loyalty reward is credited to the VÚB Account / Magnifica VÚB Account of clients within 15 calendar days of the month following the month in which the Terms of the Loyalty reward were met.

How can I change my Flexi account to a VÚB Account / Magnifica VÚB Account?

Just visit any VÚB Bank branch, where our employees will be glad to advise you on which account is the best for you. You will be able to use the benefits of the VÚB Account /Magnifica VÚB Account from the following month and your account number will, of course, be retained.

Will changing my account cost something?

Changing the account is free of charge.