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Senior Account is the handy bank account for seniors.

Easier payments

with a payment card, payments are easier - and without charges in Slovakia

pay invoices conveniently at home via Internet Banking or standing order

immediately check your account balance with Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

handy monthly statements give an overview of all your account movements

Higher security


with a card leave cash at home


with a card pay securely and over the internet


and easily block your card if necessary over the phone

We'll arrange the free transfer of your account from another bank.


  processing of account transfer request,  that we send to your bank - this will cancel your account, credit cards, and any standing orders and repeat payments


 setting up standing orders and direct debits from your new Senior Account (e.g. payments for electricity, gas, mobile phone services, domestic payments (SIPO))


 notification of change of those regularly debiting or crediting your account. So that everything works just like before

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In addition, you will also get

We will confirm the form for the payment of pension benefits to a pensioner's bank account free-of-charge.

Only a € 0.95 6 months
monthly fee for account maintenance of free account management when transferring an account from another bank


VISA Inspire or Maestro Dobrý anjel payment card Free card payments at merchants 1x free monthly account statement

You can find all interest rates in the Interest Rates section..

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  • Your account has a 24-hour CONTACT service. You can check your account status and also enter bank operations through it.
  • You only need an ID card to open an account.
  • Thanks to payments with the Maestro DOBRÝ ANJEL card, we will help families with the fight against cancer for you.

I want to put money aside easily, flexibly and safely

I want to save money regularly and create a financial reserve e.g. for unexpected situations, or to make me happy with the money saved

  • Free account establishment and management with a VÚB Senior Account
  • Possibility of obtaining a favourable interest rate
  • Money quickly available and under control

Most frequently asked questions

Can I set up a Senior Account even without a Social Security Pension being sent to it?

No, the Senior Account is intended for those who have a pension sent to it (old-age, widow's, orphan's etc.) from the Social Security Office, the Military Social Security Office, the Ministry of Interior of the SR or from the Prison and Judicial Guards Corps.

What documents do I need to set up a Senior Account?

Identity card.