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Benefit Card

FEJM account is free of charge and offers many advantages to parents


You manage the account
and all its settings


5 savings accounts
with favourable interest for your child


You can set limits
for your child's payments


High security
with app features like instant card blocking

Are you a student looking for an account for yourself?
Check out the student version of the site.

When are children eligible for a free account?

  • If they are under 15 years old

    If your child hasn't celebrated their 15th birthday yet and you're looking for a reliable and secure account for them, try the VÚB's Junior Account.

  • If they are up to 20 years old

    FEJM account is completely free of charge and you manage the account until your child reaches the age of 18.

  • If they are under 26

    FEJM account is free after your child’s 20th birthday if they are a student. If they are not, they can still use it for free if they actively use our products and earn a Loyalty Reward.

  • If they are up to 30 years old

    FEJM account is free of charge up to 30 if the client studies or actively uses our products to earn the Loyalty Reward provided that they have set up the account before the age of 27. 

Secure solutions and an overview of everything

Keep track with notifications

Parental notifications keep track of all the account movements.

The account is formally yours

Until your child reaches the age 18, you manage the account.

Teach your child to save

Get a free series of savings accounts with favourable interest that your child can keep their first savings on.

You'll solve anything with our app

You can set a payment limit through our app or simply block it with a few clicks if a card is lost.

What your child might also like

Secure payments and quick withdrawals

FEJM account supports the safest payment method – mobile payment – via Google Pay, Apple Pay, VIAMO and mobile withdrawal, so your child does not need to use their physical card at all.

Your bank is always at hand

With the handy VÚB Mobil banking app, everything can be easily solved without visiting a branch.

Design card

We will add a debit card with a unique design to your FEJM account.

How to get a FEJM account?


How do I set up a FEJM account for my child?

If your child is under 18, visit one of our branches. To set up an account, you must bring with you either the original or a certified photocopy of your birth certificate and your legal guardian's ID card. Setting up an account is free of charge and you pay no monthly fee.

If your child is already 18, they can set up a FEJM account online or at any branch of VÚB. It’s free of charge and all they need is their ID card. Setting up an account is free of charge and your child pays no monthly fee for as long as they study.

Can you set up a FEJM account online?

Currently, only adults can set up an account online with us. If you want to open an account for your minor child, visit a branch where we will be happy to help you not only with the setting up, but also with the account settings such as daily limits or Internet banking and Mobile banking.

Can I keep track of my child's account transactions?

As a parent or guardian, you are the authorized person in your account. Therefore, you have track of your child's transactions in your Internet banking. You can also set up push notifications about movements on your child's account.

What operations is my child authorized to do within the account?

By default, clients under 18 years of age have viewing rights within their Internet banking and Mobile banking. However, if you want, you can also give your children full financial authorizations. If you choose not to add them, your child can still actively use their account via debit card payments.

What limits can I set as a parent on my child's account?

When setting up an account, and hence issuing a debit payment card, daily limits are set on the payment card for ATM withdrawal, physical payments, and payments on the Internet. You can set daily limits between €10 and €5,000.

How does the debit card work?

Debit card usage is limited only by limits that you can set during the setting up of the account. Within the limit, your child can make full use of their debit card for both payments and withdrawals – including mobile ATM withdrawals. They can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay payments with their card.

How long can you use the account for free?

Clients from 0 to 20 years have their accounts automatically free of charge and there is no need to submit proof of study. Clients who reach or have reached the age of 20 submit proof of study once and then continue to use the account free of charge. Clients who are over 20 years of age and do not study switch to VÚB Account with a benefit for the young.

What should I do if my debit card is lost or stolen?

Call Contact ( 0850 123 000 from Slovakia, +421 248 555 970 from abroad) and immediately block your debit card to prevent misuse. More information can be found on this page.

Can I deposit money into my account in cash without visiting a branch?

Yes, you and your child can deposit funds into an account at any deposit ATM free of charge.

What if my child is under 15?

If your child is under 15, you can set up a Junior Account for them.