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From birth
to 15 years of age

Secure savings in small parts or larger amounts

Your child will learn the fundamentals
of financial literacy

You'll get an overview of savings and movements in your child's accounts

Simple maths: two accounts for your child are better than just one

VÚB Junior Account

With this account you can send your child regular pocket money. It's more secure than cash, and you get an overview of how your child is using the money.

Your child can pay in shops with the Youth Card or withdraw cash from our ATMs. And the card can also be used for online shopping. All these payments are under control - you can set or restrict by activating child limits on the card.

Does your child already have a cell phone? You can also introduce your child to new technologies with payments through Google Pay or Apple Pay.


Junior savings account

Let's teach children how to manage money from a young age. You can make regular deposits to the account, or together set a saving goal for her or him. Encourage your children to deposit some pocket money into their savings account every month. Help your children fulfill their dreams with savings.

By making regular small deposits to a savings account, you'll get great bonus interest up to 0.20% p.a. Get more info about bonus interest HERE.

Vypočítajte si výšku zhodnotenia

- + 20 € 30 000 €
- + 20 € 1 000 €
- + 1 rok 10 rokov

* Sporenie na sporiacom účte spadá pod Fond ochrany vkladov (ďalej len „FOV”).  

Sporenie na sporiacom účte spadá pod Fond ochrany vkladov (ďalej len „FOV”). FOV bol zriadený zákonom NR SR č. 118/1996 Z. z. o ochrane vkladov a o zmene a doplnení niektorých zákonov v znení neskorších predpisov (ďalej len „zákon o ochrane vkladov” alebo „zákon“). Základná aj Bonusová sadzba sú uvedené vo Zverejnení a podmienky pre priznanie bonusového úroku zverejňujeme vo VOP pre depozitné produkty.


Príspevok sporiteľa

Nasporená suma

Why should my child open a VÚB Junior Account?

  • Your child learns how to manage money, and you decide how much money and how it's used
  • Having a VÚB Junior Account and Savings Account is free of charge
  • Check account movements via statements, your Internet banking, or VÚB Mobile Banking

How can I open a Junior Account?

Only the child's parent (or both parents together) can request an account. As well as your ID, you'll need your child's birth certificate. But for subsequent account operations, the birth certificate is not necessary. A child's account has automatic free maintenance without further confirmation required.

When is a good time for a child to have own bank account?

The sooner you start saving for your child, the more you'll save. And that's why we recommend starting to save asap.

Each child will use a savings account as they wish. Some parents mainly use the VÚB Junior Account for their children's savings, while others let a child learn how to use a payment card and manage their own pocket money from a young age.

You also decide when she or he gets a payment card. The earliest is from eight years old. And you can also set maximum daily limits for your child's ATM withdrawals, card payments, and online shopping. You have the option of only allowing card payments at shops, while setting a zero limit for online payments and ATM withdrawals.

Get regular card payment notifications sent to your cell phone for an overview of your child's purchases.

You can also temporarily deactivate/activate the card remotely if your child needs to buy something or make an ATM withdrawal.

And since lots of kids love technical gadgets, you can also get a contactless payment sticker for your child, which can be attached to a key chain or cell phone. If your child already has a Smartphone, you can activate payments via Google Pay or Apple Pay. And now you can use it to pay SEPA instant payments.

How will I keep track of my child's account movements and savings?

You can regularly check account movements in monthly statements. You can also view your child's accounts in your Internet banking or VÚB Mobile Banking. Another free option is PUSH notifications on your cell phone.

Would you like more SMS notifications? You can activate for a discounted monthly rate of EUR 1, which includes all sent SMS about movements on your child's account.

My child's account is free for how long?

Your child has a free VÚB banka account until 15 years of age. When your child reaches 15, the account automatically becomes a VÚB Student Account. And that account is also free - until 20 years of age. Then the student just needs to bring confirmation of studies to our branch (just once) and the account continues free until 30 years of age.

If the client no longer studies after 20 years of age, she/he can enjoy our 50% discount on the maintenance fee for a VUB Young Person's Account.