Life insurance La Vita

Life and insurance are linked inseparably and for a long time in the well-known name Life Insurance. How is the life insurance perceived by our clients and by us?

  • As a symbol and also as means to ensure living standards of families, individuals, not only in difficult life situations through insured risks, but also thanks to the investment/savings component, which is included in the product.
  • As a widespread and tried tool for long-term saving that constitutes, besides other products, also the third pillar of the pension scheme.
  • As a symbol of financial security in virtually every situation. If you are not an owner of life insurance, La Vita will enchant you.

Why the LaVita insurance?

Do you ask, whether it is suitable for you?

Versatility and flexibility is the way of La Vita. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive way to individually insure risks without the need to invest/save, or a tool to create savings for the future, or their combination, you have just found it.

  • Choose the option that suits you best - the investment or the risk-bearing one.
  • You will hardly find so extensive offer. We insure up to 15 types of risks.
  • Insure yourself, your family or those who you care about. Up to 6 people per contract, and without the necessity of family affiliation.
  • Not many products quantify the premium for each additional insurance. La Vita is transparent in every aspect - you are informed in detail how each euro is used.
  • Variety of discounts and bonuses will help you meet your financial goals more effectively. How about a discount of 4.76% just for paying annually or investment bonus of 25% for every 5 years.
  • If something hurts, there must be something to heal it. In addition to the standard coverage, you will get compensation for injuries for you or your insured children up to EUR 200 free of charge.

What can I insure?

Besides the main coverage of death, which is available in several variants, you can choose up to 15 additional insurances.

Basic insurance:

  • Investment life insurance
  • Death with constant insured amount
  • Death with decreasing insured amount

Additional insurance:

  • Death with constant or decreasing insured amount
  • Serious illnesses
  • Double insurance benefits for selected serious illnesses
  • Surgery
  • Disability in the extent exceeding 70%
  • Daily benefits in case of hospitalization or incapacity to work due to illness or injury
  • Accidental death
  • Accidental death in a car accident
  • Permanent consequences of an accident with a progressive insurance payment from 0.001%
  • Daily benefits in case of necessary treatment of accident with the insurance payment starting from the 8th day
  • Waiver of premium in the case of disability or death of the policyholder
  • Medical assistance

Serious illnesses known as civilization diseases are a noticeable and unfortunately increasingly indicated problem. La Vita is aware of this problem and insures against 34 of the diseases.Selected diseases in women, men and children are even paid out twice..


When, how and where do I save?

Nowadays everybody recognizes the importance of investing/saving, but not everybody uses it. Our daily expenses absorb us to such extent that the notion of medium to long-term saving is unacceptable. However, when you make the decision and the period elapses, you will say “That was fast.” After all, the minimum saving period in the La Vita is as short as 10 years of life.

3 predefined investment strategies are offered:

  • dynamic strategy
  • balanced strategy
  • conservative strategy

In addition, you can choose Growth Fund with announced interest rate, or the GaranT fund. And do not worry, our staff will recommend an appropriate solution to you based on the investment profile and inclination to risk.

If you want to learn more about the composition of the portfolio and to choose the strategy by yourself, we will be glad to uncover investment funds and we will let you to combine them with the announced interest rate.

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