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Request to postpone the instalments due to the COVID-19 pandemic according to the §30b of the law no. 67/2020 Coll.

Information about the instalment deferral

Please carefully read following information and refer to them before you submit your request:

  1. The instalment postponement does not mean that the payments will be remitted. The obligation to pay the instalments will just be postponed.
  2. We will postpone the number of monthly loan instalments that you have provided in your request for instalment deferral. This postponement will start from the date of the authorization of the instalment deferral by the creditor and will apply for the loan instalment which was due not more than 30 days before the submission of your deferral request (the period cannot exceed nine months if the creditor is a bank or a branch of a foreign bank).
  3. Your loan will continue to bear interest during the grace period. The creditor will agree with you how you should pay the interests and you will get an additional notification about this.
  4. If the insurance payment was included in the loan instalment, the creditor will inform you about further steps associated with this payment.
  5. The creditor may not request any fees, costs, or retaliations in connection with the instalment deferral.
  6. The debtor can start paying the loan or its part and/or prepay the loan even when the instalment deferral has been granted.


Credit information

*If you request the instalment deferral for several loans you must fill an individual form for every type of loan.

Instalment deferral period and grace period

extended by the grace period


Applicant information

Personal details


Permanent address and correspondence address


Contact details


Check the provided information, because your request will not be processed in case it is filled in incorrectly.


Please do not contact our call centre in this regard. Thank you for your understanding!


By submitting this request, you agree with the processing of your personal data.
You can find more information about processing your personal data HERE.