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I. Pension insurance (Social Insurance)

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How does the 2nd pension pillar work?

Those who are only part of the 1st pillar pay a Social Security insurance premium of 18% for old-age insurance (part of pension insurance).

In the case of participation in the 2nd pillar, contributions will look as follows:


Social Insurance

5,22 %

Pension management company


Savings are the owners' equity of the saver registered in a personal pension account Savings during the savings phase and during the first 7 years of payment of life annuity may be inherited - this option is not in the 1st pillar Pension management companies ensure a return on the money of savers so that the pension is as high as possible
Option to choose an investment strategy, option of saving in a guaranteed pension fund Your money is safe The activity of VÚB Generali d.s.s., a.s. is supervised by the National Bank of Slovakia and the Depositary The option to pay voluntary contributions

And why should you choose us?

  • Quality management and administration
    We are increasing our market share.
  • Excellent results of pension funds
  • We manage 4 pension funds
  • The widest advisory network
    Changes can be made at any branch of VÚB Bank and Generali Poisťovňa.
  • Electronic access to your personal pension account

Most frequently asked questions

What does an optimized product mean?

That means you can get a contribution from your employer, which is usually the same amount that you contribute. In addition, for the employer, the contribution to your contract is deductible from its tax.

How should I proceed if I am interested?

Choose from three Supplementary pension funds. Choose the strategy that suits you best and if your preferences change, you can also change your fund, free of charge.

You can receive regular pension benefits, apply for one-off compensation or severance payments. In addition, pension benefits without an accrued return are not taxed. (The entitlement and method of payment is determined by the relevant TU benefit plan)
Your funds are maximally secure. They remain your property throughout the entire period and can be inherited as well. And all under the supervision of the NBS.

How do I find out if my employer is also a contributor?

If your employer has an employer contract with ING Tatry - Sympatia, it is entitled to do so. The amount of its contribution mostly represents a specific percentage of your gross wage (more precisely from the wage assessment basis). Our employees at any branch of VÚB will be glad to provide you with information on whether your employer has a contract and therefore contributes.

Where do I get more information about the offer?

Our employees will be happy to welcome you to any branch of VÚB, a.s. and explain the terms of the product as well as how to ask your employer for contributions to your contract. We will also provide you with all information on the info line: 0850 123 000.