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Why take a mortgage from VÚB?

preferential interest rate

Maturity of up to 30 years

Up to 100% of the value of the property

A wide selection of fixed interest rates

We have the Mortgage of the year 2018 

In the Fincentrum and the weekly magazine TREND rankings


I’m searching for new housing

I want to live in my own housing therefore I need a mortgage with a favorable interest rate that suits my needs.

  • Mortgage with favorable interest
  • Wide selection of fixation

I’m looking for my first home

I am under 30 years of age and I am thinking about finally living in my own home. That is why I want to get the best possible terms

  • Favorable interest rate
  • Moreover, a one-time contribution of €200

I want a more favorable mortgage

I want to reduce the monthly installment and adjust the repayment period.

  • Lower monthly installment
  • Merging multiple credits into one of the more advantageous terms

I want to use the money based on my ideas

I do not want to limit myself and use the money for what I really need. I can use the money for a reconstruction, a new device or a new car or holiday.

  • You can use the money for anything
  • Maturity up to 20 years

Chcem novostavbu od overeného developera

Hypotéku vybavím jednoduchšie a získam lepšie podmienky.

  • Výhodnejšia hypotéka
  • Bez znaleckého posudku