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Discover a wide range of non-cash payments

No matter whether you are making non-cash payments in domestic or foreign currency, in Slovakia or abroad. Via Internet banking, Mobile Banking, Contactless or Mobile.

I send money in EUR within SEPA countries

I need to quickly and easily send money in EUR at home or abroad.

  • Payments in full at the beneficiary
  • Payment at the beneficiary on the next business day

I send or receive payments in a foreign currency

I need to send money in one of more than 100 foreign currencies within Slovakia and around the world.

  • Payments in over 100 foreign currencies
  • Processing bank and private checks

I can deal with my payments immediately thanks to Scan and Pay

I can pay invoices in a couple of minutes by scanning an IBAN or a QR code.

  • Payments to a phone number
  • Permanent commands for regular payments
  • Fast payments in a couple of clicks

I have all payments under control thanks to IB

Through Internet banking, I have full control over my payments.

  • Set up of notifications of realized payments
  • Automatic and multiple payment orders

I need to settle up with friends quickly

I can send money directly to a phone number immediately without knowing a bank account number or by scanning the QR code.

  • Up to € 500 per day of payment
  • High payment security