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With the Contact Service, you have immediate access to your accounts, selected services, and bank operations in conjunction with professional advice. The Contact Service is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in Slovakia or abroad at the phone number:

in the SR, 0850 123 000
from abroad + 421 248 555 970


  • ability to get information about products, interest rates, exchange rates and pricing,
  • advice on products and services provided by the bank.

If you use Nonstop banking, you also get other benefits without the need for data connectivity:

  • establishment and modification of selected products over the phone without the need to visit a branch,
  • ability to execute payment orders,
  • set SMS / email notifications, set security and payment card limits.

Accounts and Payments

  • Entering a simple payment and foreign payment order, permanent and automatic transfers and direct debit set-up
  • checking the current balance and movements on the account
  • sending confirmation of payments to the client’s email
  • setting up account statements
  • modifying accounts (i.e. adjusting accounts according to the client's needs)

Payment cards

  • blocking of payment cards
  • deactivation and activation of payment cards
  • information about transactions made by payment cards
  • setting up payment card notifications
  • setting payment card limits
  • issuing of a payment card


  • concluding a contract with VÚB for a loan via phone
  • concluding a Flexi Debit contract over the phone
  • concluding a credit card contract

Services for you

  • advice and help
  • blocking
  • security
  • reporting of cash and exchange operations
  • confirmation of products and services without a branch visit
  • travel insurance and personal insurance
  • arranging a meeting at a bank branch

You can get the Contact Service at any branch or via the web form by setting up the Nonstop Banking service, which is part of it. The establishment of the Nonstop Banking service is free of charge and is not conditional on the use of another bank product. By setting up the Nonstop Banking service, you get automatic and free access to all Nonstop Banking services:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Contact Service
  • e-Payment

In the Contact service, the client logs in using:

  • identification number (ID) (ID)
  • selected positions from the Password
  • in the second step, the client confirms the login with one of the security elements SMS authorization, Mobile PIN, Mobile Token or Token

Most frequently asked questions

My login password for Internet banking was blocked. What should I do? Do I have to visit the branch because of this?

In the case of the blocking of your password to log in to Nonstop Banking, there is no need to visit a branch of the bank. Just contact the CONTACT service by phone which will generate a new login password after the correct identification while you wait.

What is the maximum amount I can make a payment through the Contact Service?

You can enter a payment from your own account up to the amount of the remaining daily limit on the security element used to confirm your payment. However, if you enter a payment from the account of another owner (i.e. from an account that you have been granted a payment authorization for), you can enter a payment up to the maximum amount of the remaining daily limit on the security element by which you confirm the payment and at the same time up to the remaining daily limit per person defined for you by the account owner.

How should I proceed if I call the Contact Service line?

Before calling the Contact Service line, prepare your identification number for logging into your Nonstop Banking service. If necessary, the automatic voice system will ask you for an identification number. Choose the option that most closely matches your request and then you will be associated with our operator.

What should I do if I cannot reach Contact Services?

In the event that our operators are busy handling the requirements of other clients, please take advantage of other ways to communicate with us. You can chat with us on our website, write us a message via our contact form or write us an email at

Why do you need identification data for logging in?

Entering identification data via the Contact Service is like submitting an identity card at a bank branch. We use it to verify your identity so that we can provide you with specific information about your products and services or perform banking operations as you wish.