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The money is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Your account can go into minus

ikona percenta

You only pay interest on the amount drawn

You can pay it back when it's convenient for you

You can repay the authorized overdraft at the speed and at the level that suits you. Each deposit credited to your account automatically reduces the amount of the sum of the withdrawals you have drawn and you can thus use the money again.

300 €

min. amount of authorized overdraft

3 400 €

max. amount of authorized overdraft

The money is available

to you any time 24/7

Frequently asked questions

What is an authorized overdraft from VÚB?

This is an authorized overdraft of funds on your account. It is used to cover expenses that you do not have enough money for on your account.

How to set up an overdraft?

A card account statement (may also be from Internet Banking) or a loan agreement.

How is it repaid?

Quite simply. Any amount that comes to your account automatically reduces the sum of your borrowed amount.

What does an offer to increase the authorized overdraft mean?

Just that we can rise your limit and you'll have more money. It does not mean you will pay more on interest because you only pay that from the amount you actually used within the authorized overdraft and only on the days you took that amount.