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Clients can choose from three insurance packages:

  Package M: insurance coverage of € 1 million for damage to property and € 5 million for damage to health / death

Package L: insurance coverage of € 6 million for damage to property and € 6 million for damage to health / death

Package XL: insurance coverage of € 10 million for damage to property and € 10 million for damage to health / death


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Compulsory contractual motor vehicle third party liability insurance offers one of the four risks of collision insurance for FREE *:

New parts for old

covers the difference between the Compulsory contractual motor vehicle third party liability insurance performance and the real value of the vehicle repair


covers damage to discs and tires due to poor road conditions


covers the risk of death, the permanent consequences and the necessary treatment caused by the injury of the transported persons


covers damage caused by natural elements, e.g. hail, windstorms, floods, landslides and others

Other risks within the scope of Compulsory contractual motor vehicle third party liabilty insurance (can be added):


covers damage in the case of vandalism, theft, natural disaster and accident, and also airborne stones


insurance coverage relates to the motor vehicle as well as its components

Crashing into wildlife

covers damage in the event of a vehicle collision with any kind of animal, domestic and wild, on the territory of the Slovak Republic

PREMIUM assistance services

assistance during the immobilization of a vehicle to the limit of 2 thousand EUR

AUTOMAX Motor vehicle collision insurance protects your vehicle from damage or destruction due to accidental and unpredictable accidents.

Additional risks can then be negotiated:

  • Natural disaster and vandalism,

  • In case of seizure of the vehicle or its parts by theft, robbery, unauthorized usage or vandalism

  • In the case of financial loss (GAP) due to total damage to the vehicle or its seizure.

AUTOMAX collision insurance offers you 4 insurance packages:

  • Extra – Collision, Element and Vandalism, Seizure, GAP

  • Comfort - Collision, Element and Vandalism, Seizure

  • Plus - Collision, Element and Vandalism

  • Basic – Collision


Several types of additional insurance can be arranged for collision insurance:

  • Insurance of above-standard equipment of a motor vehicle

  • Insurance of glass on a motor vehicle

  • Accident insurance for transported persons

  • Insurance of luggage and personal belongings

  • Insurance of a replacement vehicle

  • Assistance service insurance - applies only to vehicles up to and including 3,500 kg

  • Insurance of the activities of a vehicle as a working machine

  • SOS Partner-Windscreen insurance

  • Extended warranty insurance

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