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Who can apply for the instalment deferral?

The loan instalment deferral for a period of maximum 9 months can be applied by a bank client who is facing financial problems due to the coronavirus pandemic. The instalment deferral is available to every natural person, self-employed person, and small and medium-sized enterprise with up to 250 employees. The applicant is not allowed to be late with the loan payment for more than 30 calendar days on the day of the application delivery. At the same time, the applicant may not be late with an amount of at least EUR 100 in other loan product. If the client does not fulfil these legal requirements, other arrangement for solving the situation can be made with the bank.

What types of loans does the instalment deferral apply to?

The proposal supplies the option to postpone the mortgage payments, consumer loans payments and instalment sale payments for up to 9 months. In case of a lease sale you can apply for a leasing instalment deferral for 3 months with the possibility to extend this period by another 3 months, making it 6 months in total.

What does the necessary process include?

Fill in the form exactly according to the instructions. Please note that in case the form is filled in incorrectly, the bank will not be able to accept it.  


Installments deferral

Section notes

Type of loan: Choose one of the options that you request the deferral for.

Loan identification number: You have received the loan identification number in a SMS message or you can find it in your loan agreement.
The identification number for consumer loans has the form of XXXXXXX11DDMMRR.
The identification number for mortgage loans has the form of 001/XXXXXX/RR-XXX/000.

Number of months of the requested deferral: Choose one of the options from the range from 1 up to 9 months. The instalment deferral period is the number of months during which you will not have to pay the loan instalments except for the insurance.

Repayment term:
- Extending of the repayment term means that you will be paying the loan for a longer period, i.e. your loan instalment will be postponed by the given number of months. Such extending of the repayment term significantly lowers the impact of the instalment deferral on the amount of monthly instalments, which you will pay after the grace period ends. At the same time, this increases the total costs of the loan as you will pay more in interests.

- Maintenance of the repayment term means that the date of the last instalment of your loan will not change compared to the original repayment plan. It also means that the original amount of your instalment will increase which will strain your monthly budget after the grace period ends.

Name and surname, birth certificate number and date of birth: Fill the details exactly as they appear on your identity card. Please, check that the details contained in the form are correct.

Permanent address: Fill the address exactly as it appears on your identity card. If you live at an address different from your permanent address, click the option to add a correspondence address.

Phone number: Check that you have entered your phone number correctly according to the example.

E-mail address: This is a very important piece of information. Please check that you have entered it correctly because this will be our means of communication with you. An incorrect or non-existing e-mail address can be a reason for declining your request.

Most frequently asked questions

Example of how to fill in the form of the request

If you want to apply for an instalment deferral you have to fill in the corresponding form (will be included shortly). Fill in the details of your request and indicate the requested instalment deferral period. However, this period cannot exceed 9 months for consumer loans and mortgages. We want to make the submission of requests as easy as possible these days so you can submit it without the need to visit any bank branch. You just need to fill the electronic request on this website and send it to the bank.

What is excluded from the instalment deferral?

The instalment deferral does not apply to a granted authorized overdraft and loan on credit card. In case of your inability to pay for these loan products you can agree with the bank on an individual solution of your situation. 

Shall I expect difficulties with getting future loans?

The authorization to postpone your instalments is not considered to be a delay of the loan instalment payment, and therefore it does not affect your entry in the loan register. You will not experience any disadvantage while applying for another loan.

Instalment deferral does not equal cancellation of the instalments

If we accept your request, we will inform you about the conditions that apply to the instalment deferral. Your loan will continue to bear interest during the grace period. Once the instalment deferral period expires these interests will be included in the loan instalments due after the deferral period. We will send you the information about the instalment deferral period, total amount of interests and about the applicable process once the deferral period ends.
If you have agreed on an insurance of the loan, real estate or household (e.g. in case of a mortgage loan) under the loan agreement, you are required to continue paying the insurance.

Do I have to pay any fee for the processing of the request?

There are no administrative charges associated with submitting your request. Shall your situation improve you can even start paying the loan during the deferral period.

When can I expect to obtain the result if my request gets accepted?

The bank has 30 days to process your request. We understand this may seem to you as a long time, however, during the last two weeks banks have been contacted with more than 9 thousand clients (this number includes natural and legal persons) with a request to postpone their instalments and several times more people have asked about this option.
Our colleagues will do their best to get back to everyone as soon as possible, however, we would like to ask for your patience.

I have a mortgage loan and a consumer loan - may I request the instalment deferral for each of the types of loan?

In case you have a housing loan and a consumer loan at the same time, you can request the instalment deferral for both loans, however, you have to submit an individual request for every type of loan.

What if I have not paid my last payment before submitting my request?

If you have not paid an instalment which was due not more than 30 days before the submission of your deferral request, the postponement will apply to this instalment, too. The period of grace starts from the due day of this unpaid instalment. You can submit the deferral request only once.


What happens to the insurance of the loan when I postpone my instalment?

The loan insurance will not be cancelled with the instalment deferral. You must pay the insurance even during the grace period.