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New opportunities of international value chain

A hybrid event dedicated to spreading the industry-specific expertise and knowledge among subsidiaries of Intesa Sanpaolo

As part of the Industry and Value Chain Approach, ISBD Corporate & SME together with CIAECO - Institutional Affairs ISB launched the hybrid event “International value chain approach and antifragile business models - new opportunities coming from the evolution of the buyer-supplier relation”.

The event was dedicated to all commercial networks of the International subsidiary banks division of Intesa Sanpaolo, to share the new approach and spread industry-specific expertise and perspectives. Today, a company's success depends on the strength of its entire supply chain and being part of a larger ecosystem present higher stability and growth, and lower risk.

However, supply chain tensions as well as cross-industry transformation processes constitute an unprecedent challenge for companies. Those reasons gathered more than 500 people from 13 countries, to hear more from experts on main trends, challenges, and insights on the key sectors such as:

Agribusiness - Martin Hubinský - Head of Agribusiness & Food Industry from VÚB Banka, Slovakia;

International Financial Institutions - Vedrana Jelušić Kašić - Member of Management Board and Head of Corporate & SME from PBZ bank, Croatia;

Manufacturing - Maja Kolar - Head of SME from Banca Intesa Beograd, Serbia;

Automotive - Tamás Győr - Head of SME from CIB bank, Hungary.

This was the opportunity to hear academic view as well, from Maurizio Massaro, associate professor from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, who explained the topic “From value chains to ecosystems. Ecosystem business model innovation opportunities and threats”.

Giuseppe Ferraro, head of ISBD Corporate & SME, sent his message during the event: “We aim at being the home bank for Corporates and SMEs, partnering with our clients to navigate these turbulent times, reaching for long-term and sustainable growth”.

Among other panelist, Giovanni Barone, head of International research network, Intesa Sanpaolo, gave his vison on “Macroeconomic perspectives in ISBD countries”, while more on

“Industrial Value Chain in ISBD goals and approach” presented Daniela Blandino, head of SME, International Subsidiary Banks Division. This was the first one in a series of “Networking Talks” events dedicated to Supply Chains. Moreover, new appointments on specific industries are planned, involving also corporate & SME clients. 

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