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Mastercard Business World

A credit card that rewards every payment with international travel insurance and attractive My Mastercard Programme benefits.

Main advantages of the card

Reward for each card payment
Get 3% back off the value of each payment made at home or abroad.

Up to 40 days interest free
Repay what you have charged within 40 days and you pay no interest. The interest-free period applies to all non-cash payments.

Discount off monthly fees
Receive up to 50% discount off the monthly fee, you only need to pay with the card a minimum €400 a month.

Credit card - Mastercard Business World
Detailed information
  • Card type Embossed
  • Card validity 5 years
  • Credit limit (main and additional card(s) together: €500 - €20,000
  • Type of loan Revolving

With the Mastercard Business World card you get:

Basic travel insurance package INCLUDED IN PRICE OF CARD

Basic travel insurance package includes: medical expenses abroad and assistance services; luggage and personal items; damage, destruction, theft, or loss of travel documents.

Option to purchase premium travel insurance package
Includes basic travel insurance package with extended liability coverage for health/property damage and accident insurance, including hospitalization.

Insurance for card misuse INCLUDED IN PRICE OF CARD
 Covers losses arising from theft, loss or misuse.

Benefits of the My Mastercard programme:
Together with the Mastercard Business World card, you also get all My Mastercard benefit programme advantages for free:

  • free entry to VIP airport lounges at international airports in Vienna, Prague and Bratislava 
  • assistance service – call 02/20 90 11 04 and a team of trained and multilingual assistants is available 24/7/365 with help/advice for auto, personal, domestic and legal assistance
  • uLekára.sk service – 24/7 medical assistance, free on‑line doctor health consultations for you and your family
  • exclusive discounts at selected merchants
Card functionalities available in VÚB Mobile Banking app:
VÚB Account
Card functionalities available in VÚB Mobile Banking app:
Overview of credit card payments
Transfer from card to account
Adding card to Apple Pay or Google Pay
Display of PIN code and card information for online payments
Adjustment of credit card limits
Secure online payments

Secure online payments

Secure thanks to 3D Secure

Don't worry about loss

  • In the event of misuse of the card (unauthorized use, i.e. without the use of a PIN), we will also reimburse you for losses beyond the scope of the law. You can also complain about non-delivery of an online order, cancellation of booked accommodation or booked flight. More at www.bezpecnenakupy.sk
Contactless card payments

Contactless card payments

Contactless card payments

  • Simply hold the card by payment terminal – no PIN is necessary for payments up to €50.

Mobile payments

  • You can also withdraw cash from VÚB ATMs without a card via your mobile phone using the VÚB Mobile Banking app. Select the amount in the app, and enter the one-time code into the ATM.
90 dňové bezúročné obdobie

90 dňové bezúročné obdobie

Využite možnosť predĺžiť si bezúročné obdobie na Vami vybranú platbu až na 90 dní. Požiadať si o nastavenie predĺženého bezúročného obdobia môžete prostredníctvom pobočky banky alebo služby Kontakt 0850 123 000. Kompletné informácie o tejto funkcionalite nájdete TU.

Recycle old payment cards

Recycle old payment cards

  • Return expired cards to a bank branch for appropriate recycling.
PIN kód a kartové údaje v mobile

PIN kód a kartové údaje v mobile

PIN kód vždy pri sebe

  • Pin kód si už nemusíte pamätať ani meniť na ľahšie zapamätateľný. Jednoducho a rýchlo si ho zobrazíte v mobilnej aplikácii VÚB Mobil Banking. Video ako si zobraziť PIN kód nájdete TU. 

Na internete zaplatíte hocikedy, aj bez karty v peňaženke

  • Platba kartou na internete jednoducho a rýchlo. Všetky potrebné údaje na platbu kartou  na internete nájdete v aplikácii VÚB Mobil Banking. Video návod nájdete TU
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