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Mastercard Business World

The MasterCard Business World credit card lets you comfortably draw a short-term, non-purpose loan, provides you travel insurance around the world and gives you rewards for every payment.

Main advantages of the card

Reward for each card payment
Get 0.5% back off the value of each payment made at home or abroad.

Up to 40 days interest free
Repay what you have charged within 40 days and you pay no interest. The interest-free period applies to all non-cash payments.

Discount off monthly fees
Receive up to 50% discount off the monthly fee, you only need to pay with the card a minimum €400 a month.

Credit card - Mastercard Business World
Detailed information
  • Mastercard Business World International embossed contactless corporate credit card
  • Expires: After 3 years
  • Credit limit (main and additional card(s) together: €500 - €20,000
  • Cash limit (daily): €2,000

In addition you get

Flexible repayment
Flexibly repay what you have charged on the credit card. You have the option of selecting among the methods offered. Does it suit you to repay all at once or to do it gradually? Just pay the minimum installment each month and divide the remainder into gradual installments you repay over a longer period of time.

MasterCard ELITE rewards
Take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals at more than 40 business partners. For example, you can receive up to a 60% discount off DHL Express courier services. Deals for office/health needs, consumer/office equipment with servicing and consulting, software/online/advertising products, cleaning/detergent products, construction/painting work, refuse collection, catering, accommodation, restaurants, administration and debt recovery services, and more.

Convenience of airport lounges in Prague and Vienna
MasterCard ELITE lets you conveniently use airport lounges located at Vienna-Schwechat (SKY Lounge, JET Lounge) and at Prague (MasterCard Lounge). No charge for entry

Purchase a premium travel insurance package
If you need acute hospitalization abroad or if you accidentally cause damage to property, it can be solved smoothly. Just use the extended insurance package. The card covers you against liability for damage to health/property and provides accident and casualty insurance, including hospitalization.

Conditions for issuing a MasterCard Business World corporate credit card:

  • Evidence of the business's existence for at least two years with authorization to do business/engage in activities in Slovakia or authorization by a self-employed person to do business lasting at least two years
  • For clients from other banks and VÚB clients at least a six-month history at VÚB: Current account statements from the client's main bank for the last six months and account-related information issued by that bank
  • Tax return for the most recent year
  • Financial statements for the last two fiscal years, with possible exceptions
  • Required submission of at least two proofs of identity of future cardholders (e.g. Identification card, passport, driving license)
  • Maximum age: 63 years.


With a VÚB Account, you get a flexible and modern account to manage your money.
VÚB Account
With a VÚB Account, you get a flexible and modern account to manage your money.
Up to 11 services for only € 6 per month
Discount of up to 100% from your account management fee
12 months free account management when setting up online
Zobrazenie PIN kódu a kartových údajov na internetové platby
Úprava internetového limitu
Bezpečné online platby

Bezpečné online platby

Bezpečne vďaka 3D secure

  • Platby kartou na internete dodatočne potvrdzujete bezpečnostným prvkom 3D Secure, ktorý je súčasťou služby Nonstop banking. Viac o používaní 3D Secure.

Neobávajte sa straty

  • Pri zneužití karty (neautorizované použitie t.z. bez použitia PIN) Vám vrátime aj straty nad rámec zákona. Reklamovať môžete tiež nedodanie online objednávky, zrušenie rezervovaného ubytovania, či rezervovaného letu. Viac na www.bezpecnenakupy.sk
Bezkontaktné platby

Bezkontaktné platby

Bezkontaktné platby kartou

  • Stačí priložiť svoju kartu k platobnému terminálu a pri sume do 50 € nemusíte ani zadať PIN kód.

Mobilné platby

  • Plaťte mobilom alebo hodinkami rýchlo a pohodlne. Firemnú kreditnú kartu si do Apple Pay  zaregistrujete jednoducho priamo cez aplikáciu VÚB Mobil Banking (video návod). 
Ekologické riešenia

Ekologické riešenia

  • Recyklácia exspirovaných platobných kariet. Vašu exspirovanú kartu môžete odovzdať na ktorejkoľvek pobočke banky, kde zabezpečíme jej správnu recykláciu.
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