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Investment and treasury

With the support of the domestic bank, you have your hands free. So you can turn your attention to the world markets.

Investing and managing your finances

VÚB Bank, in conjunction with the strong banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo, offers you more opportunities to invest and manage your money and to implement financial operations.

Internet dealing

The service provides the ability to negotiate cross-account conversions, the exchange rate for payment/direct debit.
Internet dealing

Analysis and prediction

Free monthly and special commentary from VÚB Bank's chief economist and macro-economist, summarizing economic, political and financial developments.
Analýzy a predikcie

Currency trades

Platby za dovoz, inkasá za vývoz, ako aj iné operácie, ktoré ovplyvňujú menový kurz domácej meny vo vzťahu k zahraničným menám.
Menové obchody

Short-term investment financial trades

Products suitable for short-term evaluation of temporary financial resources of VÚB Bank clients.
Peňažné obchody krátkodobé investovanie

PRIIPS - Documents with Key Information

Key Information (KID) on investment products to understand the main features of products, as well as the associated risks and associated costs.

Comodity hedging

Komoditný hedging

Ochrana investora MiFID

Posilňujeme ochranu investorov MiFID.
Ochrana investora MiFID
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