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Access to your money anywhere in the world

Convenient contactless payments

Safe online payments

Main advantages of the card

Anywhere in the world, whenever you need to have access to the money in your business account for you or your employees.

Safe payments

Free insurance

For you and your employees
Online card payments are additionally confirmed by you through a Nonstop Banking security feature (3-D Secure). Websites that require additional confirmation for card payments are indicated with logos for MasterCard®SecureCode or Verified by VISA.

Insurance against card misuse (included automatically in the price of the card) covers loss, theft and misuse of your card.

Ask for a card to be issued at any branch for your employees, too, and stop handling cash. Find statements online, set limits for use and be sure your finances are safe.

In addition you get

Detailed information

Visa Business

  • International embossed Visa debit card



  • Yes


  • After 3 years

Daily card limit:

  • €10,000

Insurance included in the price:

  • Insurance against card misuse

Price list:

  • Find current price list HERE.

Frequently asked questions

How to block your card if it is lost or stolen?

To block the card (e.g. if lost or stolen), call the 24-hour CONTACT service immediately at either 0850 123 000, or if outside Slovakia at +421 2 4855 5970. Or you can block the card through Internet/Mobil Banking/Inbiz.​

Temporary card deactivation/activation

If you are not sure whether you have lost the card or left it home, you can temporarily deactivate the card through Internet/Mobil Banking. If the card is later found, you can reactivate it anytime.