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S-LOAN - sustainable financing

The idea of sustainability and environmental protection has become a permanent part of VÚB’s strategy.

The VÚB TERRA product line focuses on improving the environment, social support and services, as well as transparent and fair management of the company.

We are thus expanding the possibilities of supporting sustainability in the environmental, social and governance areas.

For this purpose, Intesa Sanpaolo, VÚB’s parent company, has created a special fund through which corporate clients of VÚB, including municipalities, can get a discount on the interest rate if they, when the loan is granted, contractually commit to meet specific conditions through the S-LOAN sustainable financing product.

It is a specialised solution for achieving goals aimed at improving the sustainability profile of your company from the following key ESG areas:

When is it possible to get a preferential interest rate?

  • if, when the loan is granted, you undertake to achieve specific environmental goals, such as: introducing a green procurement policy, achieving carbon neutrality, reducing water consumption, or increasing energy efficiency.

  • if, when the loan is granted, you commit to multi-year financial support for the implementation and promotion of activities dedicated to society, such as: volunteer work, charitable donations to non-profit organisations, support of local associations, or the provision of free training to disadvantaged people.

  • if, when the loan is granted, you commit to creating a fund in a certain amount for the development of corporate programmes to increase the care of employees, such as: supplementary pension programmes, facilitating the use of public transport, or agreements with gyms.

S-LOAN sustainable financing contributes to the visibility of your ESG goals by publishing them in the notes to the financial statements. S-LOAN also improves the company’s ESG profile by linking its sustainability strategy with its financing strategy.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at any corporate branch of VÚB.

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