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A new way of funding environmental projects.

VÚB has made sustainability and environmental protection the key elements of its strategy.

Intesa Sanpaolo, the parent company of VÚB, has, in this spirit, established a special fund to offer discounted interest rates to corporate clients of VÚB who commit to and fulfil specific conditions upon granting the GREEN S-LOAN+ product.


We'll help you fund a wide range of environmental projects

Introducing the new GREEN S-LOAN+ with a favourable interest rate to help you fund environmental projects. To qualify for the loan, you must commit to completing the project by the agreed deadline upon granting of the loan. This product offers many benefits, and you can choose from a long list of qualifying purposes:

  • Renewable sources of energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pollution prevention and control
  • Environmentally sustainable management of natural resources
  • Protection of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity
  • Clean transportation
  • Sustainable water and wastewater management
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Eco-efficient and/or circular economy
  • Green buildings
  • Projects designed for industrial purposes having zero CO2 emissions

What other benefits does GREEN S-LOAN+ offer?

Favourable interest rate

Valid from when the loan is granted until the end of the repayment period, if the conditions are met.

Long loan repayment period

Repayment period up to 20 years.

Improving ESG profile

Adding a simple declaration in the notes to the financial statement.

Contact us at any VÚB Bank branch for more information.

Download our brochure

Download our brochure

Read more about the qualifying purposes for the GREEN S-LOAN+.
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