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SFRB loans

Guarantees for cities and municipalities for the purpose of SHDF loans

On 6 March 2006 VÚB, a.s. concluded with the SHDF a Cooperation Agreement on the basis of which cities and municipalities can request the issuance of a bank guarantee to secure loans drawn for the construction of municipal rental housing.


  • a bank guarantee is accepted by the SHDF
  • amount of guarantee up to 100% of the outstanding loan principal without accessories
  • the validity of the guarantee until the conclusion of the Agreement on the Establishment of a Lien in Favour of the SHDF for the Building under Construction, or until the submission of the final approval decision, usually within 24 months from the issuance of the guarantee.

How to proceed

  • The bank's client shall fill in the form “Instructions for issuing a guarantee” at the relevant office of VÚB, a.s., or at their business advisor; instructions for filling in can be found on the form
  • The client shall deliver to the relevant office of VÚB, a.s., or their business advisor, underlying documents (e.g. a copy of the contract or order, financial statements) for the approval of active business
  • VÚB, a.s. shall conclude a contract with the client on the issuance of a guarantee (the client shall attach this contract to the loan application submitted to the SHDF)
  • Following the loan approval by the SHDF, VÚB, a.s. shall issue a bank guarantee in accordance with the instructions and send it to the SHDF.

Conditions for guarantee issuance

  • a current account administered at VÚB, a.s.
  • submitting the required documents, including the form “Instructions for issuing a guarantee” and concluding a contract for issuing a guarantee
  • payment of the processing fee

Financing the construction of houses for which the SHDF support is intended

VÚB offers you a term loan with which you will obtain financing for the construction or reconstruction of houses for which a municipality applies for support from the State Housing Development Fund for the purpose of “Acquisition of a rental apartment” – namely by purchasing the rental apartment in a residential building, family house or multifunctional building (in accordance with Act No. 150/2013 Coll. on the State Housing Development Fund).

Advantages of a loan from VÚB:

  • • a favourable interest rate
  • • quick loan processing
  • • a strong partner with a strong market position
  • • the widest network of offices in Slovakia
  • • a professional team for professional and financial assistance, individual client approach

Terms and conditions for granting a loan:

  • a legal person
  • meets the criteria of VÚB, a.s. set for the creditworthiness of a business entity
  • a municipality meets the criteria of VÚB, a.s. set for the financing of this type of loan
  • the project must be parametrically in accordance with the current wording of Act No. 150/2013 Coll. on the State Housing Development Fund, or Act No. 443/2010 Coll. on Subsidies for Housing Development and on Social Housing as amended.

Loan maturity:

  • maximum 18 months

Loan collateral:

  • lien on the financed real estate
  • debtor's bill of exchange, aval by partners/a notary deed
  • in case of a special purpose vehicle, a guarantee certificate and aval of the bill of exchange of the construction company and the owners of the construction company are required

In case you are interested in obtaining a loan, please contact the nearest office.

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