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Financing of projects that support the circular economy and green projects

The concept of sustainability and environmental protection is a permanent part of the business strategy for VÚB banka and the entire Intesa Sanpaolo group, of which VÚB is a part. As a strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this international banking group is one of the world's leaders in financing new business models that support the global transition to a circular economy.

To support sustainable development, Intesa Sanpaolo has created a special fund through which VÚB banka's corporate clients, including local governments, can get an investment loan at a preferential interest rate if their project meets the set criteria supporting circular economy practises as well as green framework criteria in the following areas:

  • Solutions that extend product life
  • Utilization of renewable or recycled sources
  • Increase in efficiency and effectiveness of resource consumption
  • Optimisation of efficiency and effectiveness of resource consumption
  • Products that can be completely recycled or composted
  • Innovative technologies that enable circular business models
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally sustainable management of living natural resources, land use, and biodiversity.

For more information, contact any corporate branch of VÚB banka.

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