VÚB, in association with Intesa Sanpaolo, the strong banking group, offers several options for managing your finance and executing financial operations via different money markets products with number of benefits.

Cash transactions short-term investments

The products suitable for a short-term appreciation of client’s temporary funds.


Currency trading

Mutual exchanges of individual foreign currencies such as import payments, export collections and also other transactions having influence on the exchange rate of a domestic currency vis-à-vis foreign currencies take place in FX market.


Commodity hedging

Products suitable for securing of commodity risk resulting from negative price movement on commodity market.


Investor protection MiFID

Basic information and warnings to the client in relation to investment services.


Internet dealing

With this service, you can have a conversion between accounts, as well as exchange rate for foreign payment / direct debit, contracted...


Analysis and predictions

Members of the analytic team at the Department Corporate Strategy and Economic Analyses will prepare monthly or special reviews, as requested.


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