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payment via VIAMO is simple, fast and secure

you do not need any device to receive money, just use your mobile phone

the service is available to all bank clients that support the VIAMO service

ideal cashless payment
for businesspersons up to € 500 a day

To receive payments via VIAMO, you need:

  • a regular business account at VÚB Bank
  • to conclude a VIAMO service contract for businesspersons
  • to allow your customers to pay via VIAMO, which means, for example, printing out a simple QR code or integrating a VIAMO payment into your internet shop

Setting up the VIAMO service is easy!

Just send us an email at and we will contact you as soon as possible. The bank employee will recommend a suitable way to use the service, depending on your business type, and will agree on the successful activation procedure with you.

The Bank reserves the right not to establish the VIAMO service for businesspersons in the event of the inappropriate content of websites or business activities.

You can receive payments via VIAMO:

ikona karty

In a brick-and-mortar store or shop

ikona checkbox

Directly at the customer's

ikona nákupný košík

In an Internet shop

ikona notifikácia

In your application


Payment in a brick-and-mortar shop

Through VIAMO, customers can pay you cash-free even if you do not have a payment terminal. A printed QR code and a simple phone to receive SMS messages on the receipt of payment are sufficient. The customer reads the QR code using the VIAMO application, adds the amount and confirms with the PIN. Paid!

Another option is the VIAMO BIZ application for businesspersons where you can generate a QR code of any amount. The customer reads the QR code using the VIAMO application and confirms the payment with the PIN. You are notified of the received payment by PUSH and you can check your received payments directly in the VIAMO BIZ application.

Payment in the field at the customer's

No matter if you are a courier delivering a package, taxi driver or refrigerator repairer - you can receive payments for your services via VIAMO wherever you are and directly at the customer. A printed QR code and a simple phone to receive SMS messages on the receipt of payment is sufficient. The customer reads the QR code, adds the amount and confirms the payment with the PIN. Paid!

Payment in an Internet shop

Do you have an Internet shop and want to make it easy for customers to pay on a responsive website (optimized for mobile)? When paying via VIAMO, it does not matter if the customer buys on a computer or mobile phone. On the computer, the customer scans the QR code from the computer screen, and is redirected directly to the VIAMO application on the mobile phone. All payment details are filled in, they do not need to rewrite anything. It is not necessary to log in anywhere. To complete the purchase, it is enough to confirm the payment with the PIN. Ordered, paid!

Payment from your mobile app

Do you own a mobile app and want your customers to pay directly? Via VIAMO, your customers can conveniently pay directly on their mobile phone. The payment generated in your application opens the VIAMO app and it is enough for the customer to confirm the payment with the PIN to complete the purchase. Ordered and paid for - all in one convenient device.
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